Wilson Ultra Women’s Complete Set Review in 2022

The Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Golf Clubs Set is a well-Designed set that won’t crush the bank for 20 handicappers. The Wilson Ultra Women’s Set, which comprises three woods, four irons, one wedge, and putter, as well as a stand bag and three cushioned head covers, is a good framework for any beginner golfer.

If you enjoy playing golf or want to learn more about the sport, this is the place to be. Purchasing an all-in-one package may be the most convenient option. If you’re looking for one that’s ready to use right away, look no further. The Wilson Ultra Women’s Golf Club Set could be the perfect fit for you.

Stylish. The Wilson Women’s Golf Package Set is an elegant and economical alternative to the Callaway Strata on the market today.

The Wilson Women’s Golf Set comes in three different models. Each with its distinct style and feel, and comes in an elegant blue and white carry stand bag.

If you are new to golf, you are indeed aware of how difficult it is to hit the ball straight, and clubs intended to hit the ball long and straight are an excellent way to improve your game and lower your scores.

If you are between the heights of 5 ft 5 and 5 ft 7, the clubs are ideal for you, so take a look.

The Wilson Ultra Women’s Golf Club Set has all of the essential components for a typical round of golf. It comes with eight clubs and a handy bag. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer and see if it’s a good investment for you. Don’t miss our review on Best Golf Driver for Seniors and Best Golf Clubs For Seniors.

Who is this Product For?

The Wilson Ultra Women’s Golf Club Set is suitable for women, as previously stated. It can also be employed by men who have trouble working with heavier clubs. Another element that makes this kit flexible is that it comes in both left and right-handed versions. It also applies to Male and Female golfers. You might also like Wilson Profile SGI Complete Golf Club set.

You’ll also find that the Wilson Ultra Women’s Golf Club Set is the most convenient method to get all of your essential golf equipment in one place. Instead of choosing individual clubs, you may save a lot of time and work by using this method.


We were blown away by the product’s overall quality for the price. And we couldn’t wait to use it on the course.

These clubs were created with a low centre of gravity to help women golfers get the most distance off the tee.

The irons have extra-large faces to provide a larger sweet spot and perimeter weightings to be generous for off-centre hits, which are typical among rookie golfers, and hitting your irons well may be a significant boost to your whole game.

What’s in the Box

  • Head covers
  • Hybrid
  • Fairway wood
  • Driver
  • Cart bag
  • Putter
  • Pitching wedge
  • 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 irons

Feature Descriptions

Six of the Wilson Ultra Women’s Golf Club Set’s most noticeable attributes are:

  • Not only will you receive eight functional clubs, but you will also receive a high-quality cart bag. All headcovers are essential to protect your clubheads from harm.
  • A wide range of clubs: You’ll be able to choose from eight different golf clubs. All recommended are a fairway wood, four hybrids, six to nine irons, a pitching wedge, and a mallet putter.
  • If you don’t plan to utilize a cart or employ a caddie, the bag’s lightweight construction will make it easier to handle. It’s a lightweight alternative.
  • Bag for Standing: Excellent stand bag that is easy to pick up and stroll with because it is lightweight and comfy to carry.
  • Exceptional Woods: The set’s 3-wood and 5-hybrid feature a low profile, giving the novice two woods much loft to help with launch angle and lift from the tee box or fairway.
  • Big Driver: This 460cc driver is ideal for the more seasoned golfer, providing excellent distance.


We were blown away by how light and effortless the clubs were to hit. This is partly due to their low centre of gravity and the clubs’ flexible shafts, which allow for effortless swings.

The Wilson golf club set comes with a lightweight cart bag that makes transporting your clubs a real possibility if you don’t want to carry them on the course, which should be manageable as well. The pack also includes five pockets, which provide plenty of room for all balls, tees, and accessories.

The differences between the three versions of the clubs are primarily due to the shaft composition and club mix.

How to Use Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Golf Club Set

Detailed Technical Information

Two Low Profile Secondary Woods: Having two higher-lofted woods that assist accelerate the ball into the air and down the fairway is critical for novice golfers to see results from their hard work. The Wilson Women’s Ultra complete set’s 3-wood and 5-hybrid are low to the ground, allowing more energy to reach the golf ball upon impact.

Cavity-Backed Irons: If you count the pitching wedge, this set has five cavity-backed irons, each designed for game-improvement play with perimeter-weighting that helps keep the ball flying straight and with maximum forgiveness.

Lightweight Stand Bag with Three Cushioned Head Covers: The Wilson Women’s Ultra complete set’s extra features are highlighted by the lightweight stand bag with the cushioned top that protects your clubs’ hosels and shafts when walking or riding the course. The kit also includes three cushioned headcovers that cover all three woods from nicks and scratches that can degrade their performance if not taken care of.

  • For dependability, use perimeter-weighted irons with a large sweet spot.
  • An anti-glare finish, heel/toe alignment, and an alignment grip are all features of this putter.
  • A large-faced titanium composite driver with a large head provides consistent performance off the tee.
  • Long-distance shots are made easier with a high-lofted fairway wood and an easy-to-hit hybrid.
  • Shafts made of reinforced graphite with a women’s flex
  • Your gear is kept safe and secure in this lightweight cart bag with various pockets.
  • High-launch technology encourages long-distance travel.
  • In most weather circumstances, standard-size grips give a secure hold.

Features & Benefit

The Titanium 460cc Driver is the first and most important feature.

The Wilson Women’s Ultra complete set’s 460cc titanium driver is lofted at 10.5 degrees. This driver, which has a sleek black finish that contrasts nicely with the golf ball, will aid new players once they have gained some expertise and success on the course.

Beginner golfers will serve from using the two other woods in this set on the tee box until then. Even with this certification, it is critical to comprehend and assess the quality of any driver included in a complete club set. You can anticipate a high-performing #1 wood with a massive sweet spot for maximum forgiveness and tremendous distance from the Wilson Ultra driver. Find out what are the best Golf Driver for women in 2022

While most newbie golfers would benefit from a 12-degree driver, the Wilson Ultra driver, even at 10.5 degrees, is a well-made club that will help learn players once they’re ready to take the plunge off the tee. For More golf driver reviews visit our Best Golf Driver in 2022.

Low Profile 15-Degree 3-Wood

The Wilson extreme set’s low-profile 3-wood is a fantastic club to utilize right out of the box for all your driving needs. Then, as your expertise and proficiency on the course improve, this fairway wood is an excellent addition to your bag to help you conquer those longer par 5s.

The three would is made of titanium and has a graphite shaft. It is lofted at 15 degrees and has a wide sole that lets it stay low to the ground and below the golf ball for incredible lift and distance. This fairway wood will undoubtedly be an asset in the early phases of your game, thanks to its black finish that contrasts beautifully with the golf ball.

The 3-wood, like the other woods in the Wilson Women’s Ultra complete set, comes with a cushioned headcover that prevents nicks and scratches, ensuring that your club stays clean and performs well for the duration of its life.

Third-Most Important Feature: 25-Degree 5-Hybrid

The Wilson Women’s Ultra complete set’s final wood is a 5-hybrid lofted at 25 degrees. This hybrid is shaped more like a fairway wood, with a huge flat sole and larger body, than your standard hybrid.

Advanced hybrids have a boxier shape with a more prominent sweet spot and stand taller. You’ll notice that this 5-hybrid plays more like a smaller fairway wood than your regular hybrid.

This hybrid will provide firm shot height and distance off the tee when you require an accurate shot through a small window to the fairway. Many new golfers may find it more accessible, to begin with, this hybrid off the tee before moving on to the three wood and finally the driver. Don’t Miss our Review on Best Hybrid Golf Clubs.

Super-Game Improvement Irons

This set includes four irons, starting with the 6-iron and ending with the 9-iron. All four of these irons have cavity backs and are designed to help you improve your distance while reducing your errors.

The Wilson Women’s Ultra complete set’s irons are perimeter-weighted, which helps with forgiveness on off-centre strokes by delivering balance across the impact zone. Every iron has a stainless steel shaft and a broad sole that assists cut into the soil for improved accuracy and clubface contact.

While we hoped these irons were lighter, we found that the heavier feel did benefit our beginner testers in keeping the club low on the takeout and downswing. Compared to other irons in a complete set, these clubs are well-made and will help you learn how to swing and touch the ball with iron from inside 150 yards. The Callaway Mavrik Iron’s Are better for Beginner Male Golfers. if you are an average golfer then you must visit our Best Golf Iron review before going any golf course

Perimeter-Weighted Irons for Maximum Forgiveness

The design and shape of the irons are one of their better advantages, as it helps the beginner golfer stay accurate even on their worst swings. These Wilson Ultra Golf Set irons have been designed with additional mass in the lower part of the club, allowing more energy to be directed on the lower hemisphere of the golf ball for higher shots and forgiveness that will give you confidence in your predicted ball flight.

Super game-improvement clubs are what these irons are classified as. This distinguishes them as being designed for beginners and high handicappers who require the most assistance from their equipment. These clubs aren’t designed to assist golfers to hit complex shots like high fades or low draws; instead, they’re designed to strike the ball as accurately as possible while providing the most distance.

This set’s four irons are not only solid and durable, especially for beginners, but they also perform well from inside distances of 125 to 150 yards.

The Well-Made Pitching Wedge

Although we wish this exclusive club set included more wedges, the Wilson Ultra Golf Set’s pitching wedge is designed to assist novice players in getting their ball out of difficulties and onto the putting surface. Like the other irons in the set, the pitching wedge is perimeter-weighted to help with the forgiveness of off-centre smashes and allow players to use it in various conditions, including the sand and deep rough.

This pitching wedge has a massive sweet spot that puts tremendous spin into the golf ball for stopping power on the greens, comparable to the other irons. As previously stated, as you progress as a golfer, you’ll likely want to add a wedge or two to your bag, but until then, this pitching wedge from the Wilson Ultra Golf Set will undoubtedly help you grasp the value of a solid wedge.

Blade-Style Putter in a Compact Size

The small putter included in this set is another vital element of the club set. This putter, which has a soft insert on its face, does an admirable job of imparting a fundamental role onto the golf ball, even if it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

The putter in this set is a hybrid with mallet-like qualities but the feel and look of a blade, making it ideal for players who like a mallet-style putter.

Once you get out on the practice green with the putter, you could forget about your wish to have a mallet putter in your bag since this flat stick is a great performer that is enjoyable to use from any position on the putting surface.

Two Woods Head Covers

Two headcovers are also included in the set, which will help protect and cushion any of the three woods you choose from damage that can occur during transport to and from the golf course. Because any damage, no matter how little, can impair the drag on these club heads, you’ll want to wear these head coverings.

You’ll find that using head covers while on the course and afterwards away from the club will keep your clubs in excellent condition and safe from harm. Both head coverings are padded to take the brunt of any impact from other surfaces or clubs that may come into touch with your bag.

Ergonomic Lightweight Bag

The lightweight stand bag that comes with this set is composed of a robust fabric that won’t rip easily and should endure for several years, allowing you to upgrade to a more advanced stage of clubs without incurring additional fees.

A comfortable strap is one of the essential features of a stand bag since it makes it easy to carry and won’t strain your back throughout 18 holes. Not all complete sets include a bag with a strap like the Wilson Women’s Ultra complete set does. This strap’s ergonomic design will keep you feeling fresh throughout your round, allowing you to focus on the course.

This is an excellent set for a beginner golfer.

Due to the variety of the clubs chosen and the additional accessories that will provide comfort and ensure that your clubs stay protected, the Wilson Ultra Golf Set is an excellent choice for new golfers and high handicappers.

One of the most common mistakes new golfers make when buying their first set of clubs is choosing a collection designed for more experienced golfers who are skilled enough to use them in ways that beginners could never attain. Find out what are the Best Women’s Beginner Golf Clubs.

Every club in this set has been designed to help the weekend warrior improve their game in accuracy, distance, and shot height, which makes it excellent for the beginner golfer. Wilson has produced a comprehensive golf club set that offers a great deal of assistance to the struggling first-timer by modifying equipment to allow the beginner to cut shortcuts.


Wilson Ultra Plus Golf Clubs Set

Great Complete Set for Mid Handicappers

The Wilson Ultra Plus Golf Clubs Set is an excellent introductory set for golfers nearing mid handicap. Although the set requires a few tweaks before it’s ready for prime time, it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a low-cost beginning set to serve as the foundation for your growing golf game.

The set starts with a 460cc driver with a rear fixed weight that keeps the sole low to the ground throughout the swing and is lofted at 10.5 degrees. The Ultra Plus driver’s design and appearance provide a sharp and confident club for mid handicappers to utilize off the tee.

The driver is well-complemented by a 3-wood and a 5-hybrid. With the same build and profile, both offer exceptional forgiveness. Although the hybrid is a touch boxier than we want in a beginner set, it has a good feel and responsiveness at impact. When using the 5-hybrid, shots from the fairway on longer par 4s and 5s are easily handled.

Key Features:

  • For extra distance and a better launch angle, there’s a great selection of woods and hybrids.
  • The blade-style putter has a soft insert on the face for greater roll and distance control Cavity-backed irons provide a forgiving sweet spot with a modest flight arc after impact Blade-style putter has a soft insert on the face for better roll and distance control.

The cavity-backed, perimeter-weighted irons are ideal for players with a mid handicap. These irons improve launch, carry, and distance for golfers who have trouble making clean consistent contact. Steel shafts in the irons make them a little heavier than graphite-shafted woods. Shots with the low irons came out high and soft, allowing for a smooth, high spin landing on the green.

A blade-style putter with a soft insert completes the Golf club set for a smooth roll without sliding. A lightweight stand bag with multiple storage pockets and a padded top keeps your clubs from wearing at the shaft, and a hosel connection is also provided.

The Wilson Ultra Plus Golf Clubs Set is one of the greatest entry-level full golf club sets for mid handicappers, offering incredible value and top-notch performance.

Precise M3 Complete Golf Club Set

Complete Set Provides High Value for High Handicappers and Beginners

Key Features:
  • A robust feel and inspiring response are provided by this well-made combination of woods and hybrids.
  • Tall cavity-backed irons make a sharp impact while still allowing for some forgiveness.
  • A wide face on a large mallet putter allows for a smooth stroke that keeps your putt on goal.

The Precise M3 set includes three woods. The 10.5-degree driver has a lower center of gravity, which allows for a higher launch and more carry and distance. The fairway wood is similar in width to the driver but has a lower profile. The low height allows the golfer to reach underneath the golf ball for improved launch when hitting from the fairway.

This set’s hybrid isn’t boxy but instead has a rounded shape that flows smoothly while engaging with the turf.

The M3 set has five irons, starting with a 6-iron and ending with a pitching wedge. The cavity-backed irons have a thicker sole that helps keep the clubs grounded through impact.

You’ll almost certainly need to add a sand wedge later on, but this is a good starting point for now.

You’ll be disappointed if you expect this Precise collection to match the quality of a Wilson or Callaway entire set. However, if you have a high handicap or are a beginner golfer, the package still represents excellent value. The Precise full set includes a variety of useful clubs that are well-made.

The M3 set’s accessories include a well-made stand bag with multiple zipped pockets and three extended headcovers.

Wilson Staff Deep Red Tour Golf Set

Excellent Complete Set for Beginning Golfer

Key Features:
  • A sand wedge is a wonderful addition to this entire set, which provides plenty of upmarket performance.
  • The graphite shafts on all three woods in the set help make this trio of clubs lightweight and perform with exceptional swing speed.
  • With a soft polymer face insert that aids in feel, this compact putter produces a great forward roll.

Take a look at the Wilson Staff Complete Deep Red Tour Golf Set if you have some wiggle room in your budget. The Deep Red series, easily Wilson’s best full set, is one of their most popular models thanks to its exceptional design and robust construction.

The set begins with three woods, including a driver, 3-wood, and 5-hybrid, feature graphite shafts for optimal distance and swing speed. The sweet area on all woods is long, allowing for lots of forgiveness on off-centre hits.

The cavity-backed irons belong in the game-improvement category. This type of iron is typically a blunt instrument that only provides one benefit: distance. On the other hand, these irons are a little more advanced and allow a beginner golfer to increase the launch angle and ball height from the fairway.

A pitching and sand wedge finish out the set, which can help you get your golf ball out of the rough and around the green. For some golfers who like mallets, a smaller blade-style putter may be a turnoff, but we had fun putting with this flat stick around the practice green.

The Wilson Staff Complete Deep Red Tour Golf Set should be at the top of your choice if you’re searching for a “luxury” complete set with a little more glitter.

Before purchasing a complete set, there are a few things to think about.

A Beginner’s Golfing Requirements

One of the most important concerns that golfers must address before beginning to play the game in clubs would help them succeed the most quickly. Money and other factors play a role in the ultimate decision, but finding the ideal set to help them shorten their learning curve is crucial for most golfers.

Before a golfer can be confident that the collection of clubs will accomplish the job, it must meet certain criteria. Beginning golfers will not be the same after lessons, course experience, and practice. Thus a golf club set should be able to evolve with their game.


Finding a compelling set of woods for complete sets can be difficult. and in the end, damaging to your game if they are designed for more experienced golfers. On the clubface, they will all be different sizes, shapes, and degrees of loft.

Drivers will normally have a volume of 460cc and a loft of 10.5 degrees. If they come from a full set, these drivers will not have adjustable characteristics and will fit into a one-size-fits-all model. The included fairway wood will be a better alternative for high handicappers. Because it will be smaller and give more loft for higher shots to optimize distance.

The third and final wood will be a hybrid that will replace a mid-numbered iron. Expect the hybrid to have a similar loft to the iron it replaces but wider and have a larger clubface.


When analyzing the irons that come with the full set. It’s best to start by counting how many there are and where they begin in numerical order. Most new starting sets, for example, normally start with a 6-iron. A 5-iron is included in more extensive sets. However, these sets often contain four irons, starting with a 6-iron and ending with a 9-iron.

These are usually game-improvement irons with perimeter weighting and cavity backs that provide the golfer additional forgiveness on their plays. Game-improvement irons are designed to increase distance rather than shape shots, making them only suitable for beginners and high handicappers.


For golfers wanting to acquire a complete starting set, wedges can be a source of debate and confusion. Due to their weight, tall clubface, wide sole, and loft, these specific clubs can provide the most assistance to novice golfers. These traits make it possible for beginners to lift the golf ball into the air without relying heavily on golfing basics.

While most sets only include a pitching wedge, obtaining a set that consists of sand or lob wedge can be beneficial as a golfer expands their club collection. Some golfers dislike complete sets because they are never truly “complete” because wedges and sometimes another wood must be added.


Additional features such as backpacks, rain hoods, and cushioned headcovers are also included in the whole box set, which is a fantastic and convenient feature. These add-ons help golfers save money while also safeguarding their new set.

When evaluating the included stand bag that comes with most full sets. The quantity of pockets on the bag should be your first consideration. Greater pockets provide for more storage, which might assist you in carrying extra items you might need on the course. Rain gear, additional towels, balls, and tees require compartments to be organized and accessible during your round.

Questions and Answers

What level of golfer benefits from a complete golf set?

Designers and golf equipment manufacturers have decided to promote whole sets to starting or junior golfers who only learn the game. The clubs in full sets are tailored to assist in elevating shot height and optimizing distance. They are not built with great intricacy. But they give enough performance to help the rookie get started on the right foot in golf.

What’s fantastic about complete sets for junior golfers is that they can see how many clubs they’ll need to complete a round of golf right away. The whole kit, which includes a variety of woods, irons, wedges, and a putter. It is ideal for bringing any golfer, of any skill level, from the tee box to the green without difficulty.

What is the Wilson Women’s Ultra complete Set missing that could help a beginner?

If there’s one thing we don’t like about complete sets, it’s that they don’t contain enough short game clubs. This topic focuses mostly on the need for more wedges because they assist the beginner in getting the ball in the air with less effort.

One of the most difficult aspects of buying a starting set is that none of them will ever reach the level of a “complete” set for a more experienced golfer – as we observed in our assessment of the GX-7 golf club. If you’re a high handicapper wanting to supplement your beginning set with new clubs. More wedges and a new putter are a good place to start.

One of the most compelling reasons to buy a new wedge is that it will improve your game wherever on the green. And wedges are ideal for use on the practice range while you learn the game.

The reason you should get a new putter is simply a matter of quality. As the putters that come with complete sets are often lacklustre and cheaply constructed.

How durable is the golf bag in the Wilson Women’s Ultra complete set?

Another aspect of buying a complete set that is sometimes ignored is the bag that comes with it. Most of these bags are stand bags because they include two composite rods protruding from the side. Allowing players to prop up their clubs for easier removal.

The durability of the cloth used to make stand bags is one of the most important considerations. The bag may be made of low-quality fabric that tears easily and does not last long in certain starter kits.

The golf bag in the Wilson’s Ultra Golf Set is composed of lightweight material. Making it easy to carry and a good companion for an 18-hole round if you choose to stroll. The bag’s material appears to be well-made and, in our opinion, should survive for several years.

How can the woods help a high handicapper?

The Wilson Ultra Golf Set’s woods all have a wide sole, large club faces. Reasonably sizable sweet spots in common. We found all three woods to be easy to hit and generate great distance during our testing.

Starting with the driver, the 460cc clubhead with a 10.5-degree loft undoubtedly aids in driving the ball down the fairway with muscle and consistency. Suppose there is a disadvantage to this driver for beginning golfers. In that case, a rookie golfer’s lack of experience will make this club more difficult to hit in the early stages of their game. But the golfer will undoubtedly like this driver as their game improves.

The other two woods are significantly more suited to a player with a high handicap. These two clubs are preferable for starting golfers since they both have higher lofts. Allowing players to hit the ball higher and farther, which is essential when hitting the ball for maximum distance.

Will I need to buy more clubs in the future to complement the Wilson Women’s Ultra complete set?

You’ll find the need to upgrade and improve your starter set as your golf game progresses. This is true of every club set that comes out of the box, including the Wilson Women’s Ultra complete set.

Beginning golfers who want more from their game will want to add four, or even five. New clubs to this set as they gain experience. Additional wedges are the most typical club added to a complete set. The majority of golfers will wish to add a sand and lob wedge to their bag of tricks.

A mid-range hybrid, roughly equivalent to a 4-iron, and a new putter are two other clubs that could be added to the Wilson set. An experienced golfer will want to add a mid-range hybrid to their bag since it will provide them greater distance on lengthier par fours and par fives.

Once the golfer notices that putters from complete sets have poor design and are potentially costing them strokes, a new putter will be required.


With the purchase of a durable and high-performing starting set. The beginning golfer may certainly enhance their game and reduce their learning time. The Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs Set may not catch your eye at first glance. But it does include a fun set of clubs that can help you cut strokes on the course.

The Wilson Women’s Ultra complete set is robust and incredibly reasonable for the new golfer trying to ease their way financially into the game. It features a couple of sleek, low-profile woods and a lightweight bag.

The kit is ideal for first-time players and will define your game better. Making it a viable alternative to more expensive beginner sets. If you’re looking for a great beginner set to help you improve your game, click here.

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