TaylorMade RBZ Hybrid – Launch It Longer and Higher

Launch it Longer and Higher with the New TaylorMade RBZ Hybrid. The Speed Pocket in the sole position is the ultimate springboard for distance. The ultra-light shaft and low CG boost ball speed by promoting the launch. A large head with a white matte finish simplifies launch and alignment.

The TaylorMade RocketBallz Hybrid boasts a low, forward CG and TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket for any player looking for extra distance from any lie. TaylorMade RBZ Hybrid’s variable thickness crown offers a lower, more forward CG, which promotes a higher launch and lesser spin. The RocketBallz Hybrid has incredibly high ball speeds off the face, giving you more distance, thanks to TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket in the sole. find out Golf Ball Information Chart (Layers, Spin, Compression)

The TaylorMade RBZ Hybrid has incredibly high ball speeds off the face, giving you more distance, thanks to TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket in the sole. our Review on TaylorMade M6 Hybrid Review 2022 – Longest and Most Versatile will definitely be worth your reading experience

RBZ Hybrid’s variable thickness crown offers a lower, more forward CG, which promotes a higher launch and lesser spin. We bet you’ll love our Best Golf Club Sets (2022 Buying Guide) while you’re searching for the best Clubs set for you


  • Speed A pocket in the sole increases ball speed substantially, allowing for greater distance.
  • The thick-thin crown design lowers the centre of gravity, allowing for a greater launch and longer distance.
  • For a simple launch, it has a big, deep face and a high MOI head.
  • The standard shaft and grip are lightweight, allowing for a faster swing speed and greater distance.
  • Combining a white crown and a black face makes alignment simple and eliminates glare on the top.

Innovators since the beginning: TaylorMade Golf

The TaylorMade Golf Company has a long history of breaking with tradition to achieve new levels of performance. TaylorMade has a relentless drive to lead the industry in product innovation, pushing the boundaries of product manufacture and continually searching for the next big breakthrough in golf.

Golf’s Next Chapter – Leading the Way TaylorMade strives to deliver you the latest technologies to improve and enhance your golf game, from metalwoods to golf balls.

Who is this Hybrid For?

We could say everyone and move on because this club has so much to offer, but let’s start with the typical golfer. Because the shaft is light and flexible, the clubhead is responsive and able to “dig” deep into the grass when the going gets tough, and the club takes advantage of the low centre of gravity. This club has broad appeal.

The RBZ Black Rescue Hybrid is designed to help left, and right-handed golfers make better golf shots. Seniors will love the shaft’s high flex rating, while speedy golfers will appreciate the sensitive clubhead, which provides the ball with a low launch trajectory. The club comes in a women’s version that is shorter, lighter and has less torque. Check our Best Women’s Golf Clubs – Find The Perfect Set in 2022

TaylorMade RBZ Hybrid – Review at a Glance

Our PGA Tour Expert Jhon Smith wrote a Review on TaylorMade RBZ Hybrid

The TaylorMade RBZ hybrid might change my mind about long irons, which I prefer when playing well.

The tolerant nature of the high MOI hybrid was to be expected. Because offset hybrids don’t work well with my “happy hooker” game, I was delighted to see that the RBZ didn’t point directly to the left at an address, a feature I greatly appreciated.

However, TaylorMade has included the RBZ fairway wood technology into the new hybrid design as well. On this 4-iron equivalent, I found a significant gain in the distance because of the Speed Pocket in the sole behind the face, which essentially gives the ball more “boom.”

While other companies have shifted their centre of gravity upward, TaylorMade’s engineers have kept it low, maintaining the high trajectory while allowing for even more separation.

With its “hit me and hit me hard” look, the club is hard to notice from a distance. It was also better from the tee and in the rough than some hybrids.

Finally, don’t worry about the white club getting soiled. No matter what the weather was like, it was easy to remove the muck.

The TaylorMade RBZ hybrid is designed to appeal to players of all abilities and skill levels.

To make the new hybrid even longer, TaylorMade used the same RBZ fairway wood-lengthening SpeedRocket in the soul behind the face as in the RBZ fairway wood.

TaylorMade RBZ Hybrid – Look, Feel and Value

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So the Image is self-explaining and informative to learn about Taylormade RBZ Rescue Hybrid golf club Features.


When most players hear the word “white,” they immediately think of TaylorMade. This is becoming more than a trend, and it appears that it will be around for a long time. The RBZ Rescue’s white and black hues make alignment simple and, to be honest, look amazing over the ball. I’m not sure what to say. The white aesthetic appeals to me.

The RBZ hybrid has a Speed Pocket behind the clubface that is positioned on the club’s sole to boost ball speed (a feature seen on the top of the club for Adams’ line). To improve the launch while reducing spin, the centre of gravity is positioned low and forward. The RBZ looks terrific and is somewhat more significant than the average hybrid than other TaylorMade hybrids. I used the stock RBZ 65 shaft with a stiff 19-degree 3-hybrid Rescue, D4 swing weight (standard across the entire range). don’t miss our 8 Best Golf Irons for Average Golfer – 2022 Reviews


This club features a unique combination of a more oversized clubhead and a light shaft that feels fantastic in my hands. Throughout the swing, it is pretty easy to feel where the club is. The ball feels hot off the ace and has a substantial impact. If I had one criticism, it would be that off-centre hits feel just as solid as pure blasts, which is a problem. When I miss a shot, I like to feel it because it gives me feedback on what I need to correct the problem. Aside from that, the RBZ Rescue is a true game-changer, and anyone searching for a hybrid should try it out.


The RBZ Rescue is one of the greatest hybrids on the market today, with excellent performance, accuracy, and playability – it’s no surprise it received a gold rating on Golf Digest’s Hot list. The new RBZ line also includes innovative technology that should assist golfers of all skill levels cut strokes off their game. At only $179, the pricing appears to be a steal, given the combination of technology and performance.

An Overview of TaylorMade RBZ Rescue’s Design and Performance

Our detailed study of the club focuses on the clubhead, graphite shaft, and grip.

The clubhead is the most important component. Thus it doesn’t matter how flexible or responsive the shaft is or how good the rubber grip is if the clubhead performs poorly.

To be one of the finest budget rescue clubs for 2021, it must excel in all three areas. Our first feature today is the clubhead – does the RBZ rescue hybrid have a premium clubhead that offers maximum loft and distance with low spin?


The RBZ Rescue club comes in three configurations: 3 iron (3 hybrid rescue, 19-degree loft), four iron (4 hybrid rescue, 22-degree loft), and five iron (5 hybrid rescue, 25-degree loft). In principle, you could employ all three hybrids.

The clubhead is made of high-grade titanium and uses TaylorMade’s “Speed Pocket” technology. The Speed Pocket theory states that most low to medium handicappers strike the ball below the clubface.

The RBZ rescue moves the sweet spot lower on the clubhead, enhancing distance, height, and accuracy. The RBZ Rescue should not increase your slice or hook percentage.

But reading the independent evaluations shows that this club does well with golfers searching for a more forgiving hybrid while still striking the ball down the fairway and near the green.

The skull is narrower than other iron hybrids. This allows the clubhead to go closer to the turf on impact, which is excellent in light rough or a terrible lay. We don’t know why TaylorMade calls this “enhanced sole geometry,” but it sounds sophisticated.

The low CG makes the clubhead seem balanced on the downswing. The product’s sound on touch also indicates extensive testing. There is even power transference from the clubface to the ball and even mis-hits were not disproportionately pushed to the left or right, which is a nice bonus. The clubhead is also not excessively big or heavy – if you are an average height golfer, this club will not be too heavy to swing and contact on the ball will be straighter than inferior hybrids.

TaylorMade includes a headcover with every RBZ Rescue order.


Thanks to the Rocketfuel 65 shaft and three flex ratings (regular, senior, and stiff), we are convinced you will love how responsive this club is. The women’s RBZ Rescue Hybrid has a lighter shaft (55 grams) and a higher trajectory rating (high) than the men’s (medium-high). If Callaway Mavric Iron for Average Golfer then RBZ can Serve both male & Female all ages

Returning to the men’s 65 rated shafts, the torque rating is decent at 3.2, regardless of the H3, H4 or H5. The shaft comprises super-lightweight graphite and has good flex, so you never feel like you’re “over-hitting” the golf club. The mature flex rating on the H4 and H5 variants will appeal to senior players whose swing has slowed. Let’s dig deeper into the flex ratings. Don’t miss our Best Golf Clubs for Seniors: Irons & Complete sets [2021 Edition]

The firm flex is appropriate for experienced golfers with a strong golf swing of over 90MPH. On medium iron shots, it has less give, and the ball flies higher with less spin. Seniors, ladies, and junior golfers will benefit from the standard or senior flex configurations. hope you will enjoy our Best Golf Driver for Seniors in 2022 – Distance Matters! also.

With the RocketFuel 65 Graphite shaft, TaylorMade has matched a light but durable shaft with a club that will be used frequently during a standard round of golf. Your iron shots will go farther if you use the right flex for your size, weight, and strength. if you are a female golfer finding the best Golf driver then, Our Review on Best Golf Driver for Women will help you, we bet.


Men’s stock grip is TM textured 0.580, weighs 47g. Firm, well-made, and not too thin, ideal for iron hybrids, where your second or third shot is usually from the light rough, requiring maximum grip on the club. Ladies will get a 10gram lighter version fitted to their club.

Grip performance: A stylish, durable textured rubber grip. TaylorMade does not cut shortcuts on any golf club component, and a solid grip is reassuring. Changing the grip is a personal choice for some golfers.

RBZ Black Rescue Hybrid tech specs

The RBZ Rescue is primarily designed to replace a long iron and is intended to be more forgiving on the more difficult shots. How do the technical specifications compare to those of modern competitors?

  • RBZ Black Rescue Hybrid is the official name.
  • Yes, with the exception of 5H, which is only available on the right hand.
  • Clubhead 3H: Titanium head with 115CC.
  • 116CC Titanium head-on clubhead 4H.
  • 117CC Titanium head-on clubhead 5H.
  • (3H) 40.75 inches, (4H) 40.25 inches, and (5H) 39.75 inches are the lengths of the clubs.
  • RocketFuel 65 Graphite Shaft
  • Senior, standard, and firm shaft flex.
  • Grip: Black 0.580 Textured Rubber Grip with a 47-gram weight.

Update: TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Hybrid

This model’s Tour variant does not appear to be as small as other Tour models. On the other hand, James enjoyed how the Tour version had the same design as the regular version but was shorter from heel to toe. The standard version’s shaft, at 40.75 inches, seemed like one of the longest on the test and flew quite high, whereas the Tour version came hot off the face, had a strong sound, maintained a piercing flight, and flew very long.

Alignment was made easier thanks to the graphics. Antony disliked the entire design, particularly the graphics, and found it difficult to distinguish between the two versions. Both launch high and have little spin, but he liked the Tour version’s compact size at address. Matt liked the distinctive design and was impressed by the forgiving nature of the model, which allowed off-centre strokes to go further than well-struck shots on other models. This was by far the longest hybrid on the test, placing in the top two in the distance for all three testers while maintaining excellent dispersion. The 18.5 Tour model that was tested was changed to a 20.

The TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Rescue hybrids offer increased swing speed and distance over its predecessors, making them ideal for golfers looking for long-distance, excellent forgiveness, and a high-launching, soft-landing ball flight. TaylorMade is refining its best-selling RocketBallz technology for more distance and speed, which must be a terrifying prospect for the competitors.

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Speed Pocket

The Speed Pocket, an opening behind the clubface that enables it to flex backwards on impact, has been redesigned to give the ball an even more trampoline-like action for increased distance.

RocketSteel Face

Because this Carpenter steel is thinner, the clubface flexes backwards even faster when used with the Speed Pocket.

CG Placement

For the best amount of carrying, trajectory, and roll, a low, forward CG correlates to a high launch and low spin rates.


For the best amount of carrying, trajectory, and roll, a low, forward CG correlates to a high launch and low spin rates.

Control vs Forgiveness

The thin face and Speed Pocket combine to generate a bigger face area that delivers high ball speeds, resulting in increased distance and accuracy on strokes hit outside of the sweet spot. The lack of offset and neutral swing bias provide for much shot shaping flexibility.


This concludes our TaylorMade RBZ Black Rescue 2021 update review. While we believe the club is an excellent long iron alternative, really quick golf ball swingers may want to consider a premium, new pure long iron instead.

However, the RBZ Rescue’s low price and excellent build quality make it, in our opinion, one of the best mid-range hybrids on the market right now. A high-quality titanium club head with a low centre of gravity is paired with a superlight graphite shaft that is both durable and robust. You may pick which hybrid model best suits your game – we liked the 3H the best, but any of the three models should improve any golfer’s long iron strokes to the green.

Questions and Answers

Will the RBZ Rescue assist me in hitting a three-iron consistently?

This club was created specifically for golfers like you. Take a look at the 3H model and choose the standard flex. If your swing speed is slow, the senior flex is the way to go. Golfers who struggle in this region will benefit from the 19-degree loft and 60-degree lie ratio.

I’m a left-handed golfer with a 100-mile-per-hour stroke. Will these hybrids improve my golf game if I use them to help with my unpredictable extended iron play?

If you’re swinging faster than 100 miles per hour, this hybrid set might slow you down. Why? Because they have a graphite shaft with a standard or firm flex, they may limit your distances compared to a pure three iron. Have you considered taking some individual lessons to improve your golf swing?

This golf club costs less than $130, and I’m not sure how it can compete with modern long iron hybrids. Could you kindly explain?

Older models are sometimes superior because they are well-made and have much positive feedback, so golfers keep coming back. Our TaylorMade RBZ Black Rescue review goes through all of the noteworthy characteristics of this club. Manufacturers must create new models every year, or sales would dry up; nevertheless, that does not mean we should overlook classic clubs that have stood the test of time. The RBZ rescue hybrid is one of the most popular and well-received golf clubs in the previous five years.

What year did TaylorMade RBZ hybrid come out?

RocketBallz. RocketBallz is a new series of TaylorMade drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons. Find our Best Golf Driver in 2021

Are RBZ hybrids forgiving?

TaylorMade’s new RBZ hybrid might change my mind about long irons. As expected, the hybrid’s high MOI was tolerant…. In addition, it played better from the tee and in moderately thick rough than some hybrids, despite its lower price. It’s also safe to say that you don’t have to worry about the white club getting soiled.

Is TaylorMade RBZ good?

A solidly-built TaylorMade RBZ Driver will help you improve your game, especially if you’re a mid to high handicapper who’s looking to upgrade their tee box equipment. The RBZ features an exceptional impact feel thanks to its strong stability throughout the swing.

What does RBZ stand for in golf?

TaylorMade’s original RocketBallz is not to be confused with this ball (or RBZ for short). Urethane, the cover material, makes all the difference in the world.

Is there a 2 hybrid golf club?

Hybrid 2 golf clubs will have the same length as a 2-iron, but with a bigger sized head like a fairway wood, making them ideal replacements for that club. A 2 hybrid golf club is designed for use in high grass and tough lies, making it more versatile. For those who want to sweep the ball off the ground, they are an excellent option.

Does TaylorMade still make the RBZ?

Because this TaylorMade RBZ is no longer in production, only one of the stock shafts is available for purchase. Matrix White Tie 55 Gram is used for the shaft. The shaft has a mid-to-high launch and is lightweight, so it can help you swing faster.

Can a 2 hybrid replace a driver?

Most golfers use a 2 hybrid instead of a 2 iron. Due to its ease of use and improved control, the 2 hybrid is preferred. Due to their ease of striking, hybrids are frequently utilized as a replacement for either woods or irons on the course… An iron or fairway wood can be replaced by a two-hybrid club.

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