TaylorMade M6 Irons – Score Towards Excellence

TaylorMade’s New M6 irons have been made with technological brilliance for bigger distance and superior sound and feel. Taylormade M6 Iron Set 5-PW GW SW Fujikura Atmos 5 Red Graphite Senior Left Handed 38.5in

TaylorMade places out new irons each year, and for the most section, they don’t tend to disappoint. In 2021, you may additionally be questioning if it’s simply really worth it to purchase the barely out of date TaylorMade M6 irons, given the enhancement in technological know-how yr over year.

After shopping the Iron for myself, I desired to position a TaylorMade m6 irons evaluation for you, who may also be on the fence. These are first-rate sport enhancement clubs, and thanks to the tech being simply 12 months out of date, they come at a very desirable price. If you’re a mid or excessive handicap player, these can also cease up being the funding of the 12 months for you into your golf game.

The present-day TaylorMade M6 irons are characteristic of the brand’s new progressive Speed Bridge technology, a redesigned pace pocket and hybrar compression damper to create their most superior sports enhancement iron to date.

The result is an aggregate of tech that introduces distance, accuracy and stable sense in a forgiving, confidence-inspiring structure convenient to hit. Find our Review on TaylorMade M6 Hybrid Review 2022 – Longest and Most Versatile

“At TaylorMade, we’ve got generally strived to push the overall performance envelope to provide gamers maximum distance and forgiveness in our sport improvement irons,” says Matt Bovee, senior supervisor, product introduction

In addition to SPEED BRIDGE, the m6 irons additionally function as a shallow centre of gravity, an ultra-thin face with inverted cone generation (ict), and a new via-slot pace pocket. Additionally, new set wedges are designed for the mid to excessive handicap golfer, brought to the M6 iron set for more suitable playability around the greens.

First Impression with TylorMade M6 Irons

I tried these golf Clubs out earlier than I offered them to make certain my hunch on these being a correct suit for my sport was once correct. It was. In the trial, I noticed an exceedingly tight shot dispersion with my 7 iron, and without delay seen an enhancement in the distance vs my preceding set of clubs.

After a few rounds (3) enjoying with them, the first component I have seen is that you don’t have to swing challenging with these irons to ship the ball flying. A clean tempo and accurate contact are all that I wanted to acquire a ton of distance and a great flight. It additionally appears like it’s tough to hit an awful shot. I suppose a wild swing that must create a haywire ball flight ends up being a relatively minor pass over to the right.

Also observed each club’s trajectory to be lots greater than my preceding set, which each appears correct and honestly helps to stick a green. I had to club down on almost each shot; the enhanced lofts introduced 10-15 yards per club. These Golf Clubs are noticeably workable; you can fly them down when you desire, which is vastly useful in the wind, and I determined it effortless to hit a draw and fade on demand.

To summarize, in reality, some rounds of taking part in the TaylorMade M6 irons has me feeling assured that I can hit longer, straighter images with a higher trajectory than I ought to before.

Things We Liked

  • Low centre of gravity
  • Bigger address profile
  • Improved feel and sound
  • Accuracy
  • Exceptionally thin face design
  • Flexibility

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The dimensions are huge, but it increases the impact region

TaylorMade M6 Irons: Hyper Golfer Verdict

Realistically, most Professional golfers (10 handicappers and above) should be thinking about irons sincerely like the m6 when looking for a new set. We’re huge followers of how the mixture of sturdy lofts and lightweight, high-launch shafts work collectively to generate lots of ball pace and carry.

They additionally launch pictures excessive ample with first-rate tiers of backspin to give up strategies on a green. Simon used to be the M6’s largest fan, feeling the combination of looks, sound and feel, hosel off-set and forgiveness have been best for boosting confidence, even for a 10 handicapper. Our facts confirmed that despite M6 and TaylorMade’s P790 the use of the identical face tech (the backside of the face oats and isn’t always connected to the head), the M6 – thanks to a more advantageous loft – elevated ball pace with the aid of 2mph and brought 4 yards of lift distance.

Technology – TaylorMade M6 Irons

TaylorMade focuses on two matters in these recreation enhancement irons: forgiveness and distance. One of the key improvements in this iron set is the Speed Bridge on the cavity back, which helps golfers reap most ball velocity off the clubface. The Speed Bridge is a steel insert that runs alongside the centre of the face, connecting the top line and the sole of the cavity. The Speed Bridge helps allow the thru-slot Speed Pocket for higher ball velocity on each shot, centre or not.

The clubhead is made to be stiffer than preceding M sequence irons, ensuing in a higher power switch on impact and contributing to higher ball speed.

TaylorMade’s Inverted Cone Technology creates a large candy spot in these irons vs preceding models, permitting higher mishits across the whole clubface. For extra forgiveness, the M6 irons characteristic a fluted hosel and 360° undercut, reducing the centre of gravity (CG) on the club for greater launch and a penetrating ball flight.

What is Speed Bridge technology?

In 2019, Taylormade included this brand-new science in their state-of-the-art M5 and M6 irons. It connects the sole and pinnacle aspect of the membership through the usage of a structural beam. The result is profound as it will stiffen the head, support the chassis and grant an extra steady effect on the ball.

Completely new for 2019, M5 & M6 irons with SPEED BRIDGE comprises excessive strength, mass-efficient structural beam spanning throughout the cavity lower back of the iron to join the top line with the lower back bar the iron.

Through huge use of computational modelling and optimisation, the SPEED BRIDGE uses minimal mass to stabilise the iron by aiding the topline and top face place at the precise area that vibrates at impact.

The multiplied pressure in the topline and top perimeter of the face provides the increased sound and sense with extended ball velocity from a greater bendy Speed pocket TM. The SPEED BRIDGE is the key to unlocking the potential to diagram M5 and M6 irons with a thru-slot Speed Pocket, their most bendy Speed Pocket (4-7irons) to date.

The SPEED BRIDGE stabilises the higher element of the iron in aggregate with the superior HYBRAR vibration-damping polymer to enhance sound and feel, whilst the thru-slot Speed Pocket expands the bendy vicinity of the face to generate quicker ball speeds.

Performance – TaylorMade M6 Irons

I can sum the overall performance up well in two words: trajectory and distance. The TaylorMade M6 irons supply a breathtaking ball flight; I accomplished much extra peak in all of my irons, and in turn, the ball lands a lot greater softly. This gentle touchdown fashion prevents too many rollouts and helps you keep the green. This can be massive for a mid or excessive handicapper, as usually, you see excessive handicap gamers hit the green, solely for the golf ball to roll off.

The ball rockets off the face of the club when you hit it well, and well-struck pictures cease up soaring; these golf clubs are robust lofted, so if your irons are a few years old, you can also want to modify and membership down. I find myself hitting 9 iron the place I hit 8, which includes throughout the bag. Again, the sole gamers whom this may also now not work for are low handicap/single-digit players.

Sound And Feel

Hitting these irons in the candy spot is extraordinarily satisfying; there are specific comments when you strike the ball from the centre of the face, and the ball launches effortlessly. On mishits, you’ll get remarks that you neglected the centre of the face. However, it’s fairly dampened and doesn’t experience as bad. There’s a sweet-sounding click on when you hit these clubs. The sound, for me, is a big improvement and is without a doubt pleasurable to hear off a pure shot.

Comparing with a few years older clubs, I’m without a doubt impressed with how a great deal higher these senses and sound. These are some of the most enjoyable irons I’ve ever hit.

Looks – TaylorMade M6 irons

For a set of actual sport enhancement irons, I used to be awaiting these to be a little bulkier than they virtually are. TaylorMade does a quite desirable job of making these seem to be greater like gamers irons at address. Yes, the golf equipment is sincerely larger than a usual gamers iron. There’s an appropriate quantity of offset on these irons too. They seem to be like sport enhancement irons. However, I assume they seem sleek.

TaylorMade M6 Irons – Full Club Specs

STEEL LENGTH39.25″38.62″38.00″37.50″37.00″36.50″36.00″36.00″35.75″35.50″
SWINGWEIGHT (ST/GR)D1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9D1 / C9D3 / D1D3 / D1

TaylorMade M6 Iron: Key Technology

Low Centre of Gravity

The shallow and deep centre of gravity (CG) is completed thru diagram optimisation and carried out sciences together with the fluted hosel and 360° undercut to harvest trapped mass from the very first-class region inside the iron and relocate it low inside the head layout.

This low CG sketch produces an environment-friendly electricity switch that affects excessive launching, penetrating ball flight even for mis-hits low on the face. The m6 iron moreover has an excessive moment of inertia (MOI) for stability and forgiveness, making it remarkably handy to play.

Redesigned Speed Pocket – The Fastest The Powerful

The TaylorMade m6 irons have a pace pocket to noticeably complements face flexibility and generate the most suitable spin at impact, consequently maximising ball pace and boom distance, most in specific low at the clubface — the location ball tempo safety topics most.

After great research, scan and computational modelling, the producer set up a new velocity pocket quicker than preceding Taylormade irons. You will see that the face slot is absent when you consider it has been changed with the thru-slot.

This newly designed velocity bar makes use of solely a small mass. Up till now, it is the most bendy and widest pace slot made through the maker. It expands the bendy element of the fact that, in flip, boosts the raise distance and ball speed.

Speed Bridge Construction

Thanks to the new SPEED BRIDGE construction, it is feasible to layout a thru-slot Speed Pocket into our M5 and M6 recreation enhancement irons for the first time. The SPEED BRIDGE and Speed Pocket work collectively to systematically enhance how the iron face performs in the course of influence by moving the factor of most deflection decrease on the face. This shift in deflection prompts the Speed Pocket extra efficiently, turning in intense flexibility over a giant location of the face producing quicker ball speeds than 2018 M3 and M4 irons.


The iron is made with a 360-degree fluted hosel. It is designed to decorate playability for all kinds of players. As a result, it will hold the centre of gravity low and generate an excessive trajectory.

Inverted Cone Technology (ICT)

The m6 iron employs an extremely skinny face plan with TaylorMade’s patented inverted cone Technology (ict). An ultra-thin face permits the iron to be bendy and fast. However, the secret to a truly optimised diagram lies inside pairing a skinny face with the ICT. The ICT layout uses various thicknesses to supply most ball speeds over a giant place face, and the off-centre positioning gives you a directional bias. Simply put, the ICT offers golfers a large and greater correct candy spot.

Advanced HYBRAR Compression Damper

The damping polymer will mute pointless sound and vibration. This compression damper prompts at some point of impact, enhances the sound and reduces lots of vibrations. It will additionally enhance the sense and consequently enhance your self-belief throughout the game.

In each of the M5 & M6 irons, TaylorMade engineers have carried out a new HYBRAR damping machine and multi-material badges to manage and minimise vibration for a tender and stable feel. Due to the stiffer topline, the most factor of deflection of the iron face at influence decreases than in preceding designs.

The decrease deflection factor aligns with the HYBRAR damper, permitting it to spark off extra shortly and effectively dampen undesirable vibrations more efficiently. The ABS/aluminium shape blended with viscoelastic adhesive enhances the sound in addition and experience at impact.

Final Thoughts on TaylorMade M6 Irons


Let’s speak about the design. The organization places masses of effort into the improvement of this club. So, each little element in the diagram matters.

The Taylormade M6 iron is large and wide. It is greater than the M5 iron. You will get a broad sole and a massive profile to address.

It comes with the KBS max eighty-five metal shaft. Alternatively, you might also select Atmos orange graphite shafts made by using Fujikura. The 360⁰ hosel and undercut graph relocate a lot of the weight to the returned of the head. Additionally, very light-weight steel is used in the hosel that goes around the shafts.


The ultra-thin face design became the iron into one of the quickest golf clubs in phrases of ball speed. Its ball pace at the start passed the most allowance set with the aid of UGC. For this reason, the engineers had to do some revisions to reduce some speed and make it a legal club in the market.

They altered the thickness in numerous components of the face to make the sweet spot extra accurate. It led to the dispersion of some pace and distance. For this reason, many gamers name it the quickest club inside the legal limit. Meanwhile, the structural bar stabilizes the iron. Together with the pace pocket, it boosts the ball speed, incorporates and distance.

With the 7-iron, you are probable to get a ball speed of 118 miles per hour. The lofts are about 1.5⁰ more desirable than the M5 irons. It will lift the ball long, greater than one hundred sixty-five yards in most cases. Moreover, the iron will obtain about 17.6⁰ launch angle.

The ball will additionally fly greater in the air. According to some estimations, it will reap the most peak of 18 feet.


Because of the inverted cone feature, your pictures will be straighter, even the misplaced ones. You might also ask, how ought to this be possible?

Well, the reply lies in its off-centred positioning that offers such directional bias. Brilliant, isn’t it? The pace bridge and velocity pocket hyperlinks collectively strike the factor of deflection to the face’s decrease location of face. So, you will get ultimate ball velocity even when you mishit towards the heel or the toe region. Ultimately, it will generate higher results.

The centre of gravity is shallow in these irons. It grew to become feasible due to the fact of the superior design. Notably, the 360⁰ undercut helps shift lots of the weight to decrease parts of the head. The M6 will additionally have an excessive second of inertia and a greater substantial margin for error.

Not only will it be forgiving, however, but it will also additionally switch the strength greater effectively all through impact. So, you will be in a position to launch greater with minimal effort.


The lofts are fairly stronger, which will supply you with a fine feel. It has a large tackle profile that will increase your self-belief in excessive conditions all through the game.

It is constructed for low-to-high handicap players. Especially, the wedges are designed for staging up their game. Both proper and left-handed golfers will locate it effortless to play with this club. The Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip is used close to the deal to supply greater support.

Taylormade used a superior hybrar damping device and multi-material badges to enhance the sound and feel. An association topline is used to mute the vibrations further.

Furthermore, the M6 has an aluminium/ ABS shape and viscoelastic adhesive to dampen the sound even more.

Overall, it is an elementary membership iron that will in no way disappoint you.

Common FAQ On TaylorMade M6 Irons

Are The TaylorMade M6 Irons Made For High Handicappers?

The M6 irons are made for each mid and excessive handicap player, but the precedence for these irons is forgiveness and distance. The clubhead is slightly larger than the M5; however, it has a normal look and feel. Excessive handicappers could be relaxed with the general overall performance of the TaylorMade m6 irons and will look at straighter ball flight off the face of these clubs.

What is the difference between TaylorMade M6 and M4 Irons?

The M6 irons have measurably higher overall performance than the M4 irons in two vital categories: distance and trajectory. The M6 irons can supply about 1.6 mph greater ball velocity than the M4 irons deliver; this correlates to almost four greater yards of carrying and over 5 yards extra distance out of the M6s. The M6s trajectory is additionally multiplied upon, and you’ll locate that you can assault the inexperienced a bit higher with the greater trajectory that the M6 irons furnish across the complete set.

Is the TaylorMade M6 worth it?

Given the sample size, the M6 boasts some of the highest evaluations of any TaylorMade driver. It has a 4.7/5 rating on Global Golf (based on 46 reviews), a 4.7/5 rating on Amazon, and a 4.8/5 rating on the official TM website. Professional critics and website reviewers have also given it near-perfect marks.

Are TaylorMade M6 irons for beginners?

But if you’re a beginner or have a high handicap. To get your set, you must run, not walk. If you’re a 13 or higher, this is a great buy. Except for the most proficient ball hitters who prefer smaller club heads and less offset, the M6s will suffice.

What are the most forgiving TaylorMade irons?

The SIM 2 MAX OS Irons are without a doubt TaylorMade’s most forgiving irons. The aerodynamics and shape of the TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX OS contribute to increased ball speed. Because of the larger sweet spot (which allows for more forgiveness on mis-hits), wider sole (which improves turf interaction), and small offset, this is the case (higher launch).

Where is the sweet spot on M6 irons?

When you put a ball onto your iron with the face open, you’ll see the sweet spot when it leaps off the face; this is where the metal is tuned to have its optimal flex and responsiveness. The sweet spot is usually found in the centre of the club, but it can also be found somewhat to the heel.

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