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If you’re looking for a complete set of golf clubs, the Cobra Fly XL set will certainly have your heart beating. The clubs are designed for distance and forgiveness, and you get to pick the ideal shaft materials and flex to help you develop your game and reach your full potential. The SECRET ‘cheap’ golf clubs most people don’t know about!

Is it feasible to acquire what you need from a complete set of golf clubs without paying $1,000 or more? Absolutely. All you have to do is know where to look.

The Cobra Fly XL attempts to build on the success of prior sets by offering a high-quality set of intermediate clubs at a reasonable price. This Mighty Golf Club set comes with Both Men’s and Ladies’ Flex.


Cobra has made the required modifications to make the 2021 Cobra Fly XL set even better in terms of all-around performance, following the astounding success of the Cobra XL set in 2020.

The Fly XL is also an improved version of several of the Cobra Brand’s older clubs, with lots more performance added to the mix.

The clubs are midway between beginner and premium grade, trending more toward the latter, and they are unquestionably designed for game improvement or taking your game to the next level from where it is now. if you are a beginner you must need to visit here

The cavity back irons feel sturdy and ready for action, while the driver is huge and solid.

The set in its entirety lets you know that it’s a significant step up from practically all starter settings. You can also choose between a cart bag and a stand. Don’t miss our review on Taylomade Kalea Women’s Golf club set

The Cobra Fly XL – Overview at a Glance

“With the Cobra Fly XL Golf Club Set, you’ll be able to hit the pin in fewer strokes while still shooting straighter.”

Hyper Golfer

The Cobra Fly XL Golf Club Set includes a driver, a 3 wood, a 5 wood, irons 6-9, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter.

But that’s not all. A deluxe cart bag with a 14-way top divider and plenty of storage will be provided to transport these clubs. Most merchants will charge you around $900 for the complete set.

The set begins with a driver that consistently generates exceptionally straight shots, especially on hits closer to the heel.

The 3 and 5 woods have a squat crown for added comfort. The heads’ lower profile helps increase MOI and extends the sweet spots to the heel and toe.

The Cobra Fly XL Golf Club set includes two hybrids, which are helpful if you haven’t mastered longer irons.

The putter included in the Cobra Fly XL kit is fantastic. It’s a blade-style putter with a finely machined face for incredible feel and feedback.

“The Cobra Fly XL Golf Club Set is designed to provide intermediate-level players improved accuracy and straight shots.”

Hyper Golfer


  • Longer, straighter drives are aided with a titanium driver (10.5°) with a more extensive form and heel-biased weighting.
  • To repair a slice and increase accuracy, the fairway wood sports a shallow shape and heel-biased balance.
  • For longer approach shots, hybrids generate optimal gapping between fairway woods and irons.
  • For distance, forgiveness, and an effortless launch, irons utilize a conventional hollow back construction and perimeter weighting.
  • A machined face on this premium blade putter provides excellent feel and control on both long and short putts.
  • The premium cart bag features a 14-way top, velour valuables pocket, and seven zipped sections.
  • Cobra Fly XL stock shaft, Cobra black stock grip


The Cobra Fly XL is ideal for intermediate players who aren’t as concerned with distance as they once were. They were designed to help golfers improve their accuracy from the tee to the green.

While they lack some more advanced features that make Cobra golf clubs so appealing, they have just enough to help the mid handicapper enhance their game.

The Cobra Fly XL driver is available at lofts of 10.5 and 11.5 degrees. You can also choose between graphite and alloy steel shafts in standard or senior flex, ensuring that the clubs are suitable for all swing speeds.

The stock shafts and grips are Cobra Fly XL shafts and Lamkin REL 360 grips.

  • 94/100 in terms of distance
  • 95/100 accuracy
  • Perception of forgiveness: 95/100
  • 93/100 for control and feeling
  • 92 out of 100

The Cobra Fly XL Complete Set Review

The Cobra Fly XL has a sleek design right out of the box that will make you want to hit the links right away.
In classic Cobra fashion, the Cobra Fly XL set combines superb beauty with pinpoint accuracy.


The set begins with a fantastic driver. It has a thin yet durable titanium face that offers plenty of flex. In standard flex, it’s set at 10.5 degrees of loft, and in senior, it’s set at 11.5 degrees of loft.

In order to compensate for a draw and produce high and towering ball trajectories at any swing speed, the weight is positioned low in the heel area.


ClubLoftLie AngleLengthSwing WeightStock FlexRH/LH
Driver10.5° (S, R), 11.5° (LITE)58.50º45.50″D2R/LITERH/LH


The Cobra Golf Fly XL package includes two woods: a 3 and a 5 wood.

They have a low profile, making them easy to control in the hands and during the swing. The loft of the 3 wood is 14.5 degrees, and the loft of the 5 wood is 18.5. The 3 wood is the set’s crowning achievement.

If you have trouble with the driver, this club is ideal for the fairway or off the tee. With this set, it’s our go-to club for a variety of shots.


ModelLoftLie AngleLengthSwing
3 W14.5°58.00°43.50″D1R/LITERH/LH
5 W18.5°59.0°43.00″D1R/LITERH/LH


The package also includes two hybrids: a 4 with 20.5 degrees of loft and a 5 with 23.5 degrees of loft. The hybrids are highly long, have perfect apex ball height, and are as forgiving as hybrids should be. The Hybrid Club will be your closest buddy if you end up in the tough. Don’t Miss the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs


ModelLoftLie AngleLengthSwing


The larger design of the Cobra Golf Fly XL irons makes them much less frightening for beginners and mid handicappers. Irons 6–9 are yours. The perimeter weighting on these hollow back irons helps to boost MOI and forgiveness.


(Graphite & Steel)
Swing Weight
Swing Weight
6 Iron26.0°62.00°37.75″C9D2R/LITES, RRH/LH
7 Iron30.0°62.50°37.25″C9D2R/LITES, RRH/LH
8 Iron35.0°63.00°36.75″C9D2R/LITES, RRH/LH
9 Iron40.0°63.50°36.25″C9D2R/LITES, RRH/LH
PW45.0°64.00°36.00″D0D3R/LITES, RRH/LH
SW55.0°64.00°35.50″D1D3R/LITES, RRH/LH


Finally, the Cobra Golf Fly XL set includes a machined face blade design putter.This club also has a lot of feel and control to it. On longer putts, the heel and toe perimeter weighting gives an excellent balance and smooth flow.


ModelLoftLie AngleLengthGraphite
Blade Putter3.0°70.00°34.25″R/LITES, RRH/LH


SELECT FROM A CART OR A STAND BAG TO COMPLETE YOUR SET. Cobra offers the FLY XL 13 piece set with your choice of cart bag or stand bag, whether you choose to stroll or bike.

Cobra FLY XL Women’s Complete Set

The Cobra Fly XL women’s complete set is ideal for beginners, featuring a full bag of lightweight and forgiving clubs that provide effortless launch and distance. There are no specific differences between the Cobra Golf sets for boys and girls, except that the boys’ clubs are a little larger and the girls’ golfer is a little more Ladies Flex in design. We will attempt to see whether there are any statistically significant differences between them.


For longer, straighter drives, a titanium driver (12.5*) with a more extensive form and heel-biased weighting is recommended.


A shallow profile and heel biased weighting are used in the design of the 3-wood, 5-wood, and 7-wood to improve accuracy and distance off the tee and from the fairway.


Longer approach shots into greens are made possible using a 5 hybrid to create the optimum gapping between the fairways and irons.


Designed with a classic cavity back and perimeter weighting for smooth launch and distance, the irons (6-PW, SW) have a typical cavity back design and perimeter weighting.

Putter with a mallet

This premium mallet putter design is ideal for serious golfers, featuring a machined face for a great feel and control on long and short putts.

Cart Bag with a Premium Finish

The premium bag, which has a 14-way top, a velour valuables pocket, and seven zipped pockets, serves to bring the ensemble together.

Cobra FLY XL Women’s Complete Set Specification

ClubLoft (*)Lie Angle (*)Standard Length (“)Petite Length (“)Swing WeightPetite Swing Weight
Mallet Putter370.0033.2532.25N/AN/A


Cobra graphite shafts come standard with the Cobra Golf Fly XL set, a fantastic bonus because graphite shafts are generally an extra cost.

They’re also available in standard and senior flex, with Lamkin Crossline Midsize grips.A cart bag with a 14-way top divider is included with the Cobra Golf Fly XL kit.Although the bag offers enough storage room, the top divider causes some club heads to collide.

Design & Technolody

The Fly XL irons & Hybrid from Cobra Golf are no exception to the company’s reputation of manufacturing large heads that give effortless distance and consistently high trajectory. As with other compression channels, the Speed Channel Face allows the face to flex, a new feature in all Cobra metal woods and this pair of irons, as well as other Cobra golf metal woods. Regardless of where you strike the ball, this innovation boosts ball speed and forgiveness.

It also has a split set, meaning that the long and mid irons (4 – 8) are designed differently from the scoring irons (numbered 1 – 3). (9-SW). The hollow cavity design of the long and mid irons lowers the centre of gravity (CG) to boost launch, increasing forgiveness. Scoring irons have a perimeter undercut design that helps with forgiveness and improves accuracy by moving weight away from the top of the face. Many golfers, including ladies, elders, and beginners, could benefit from this Cobra Golf Fly XL Complete Set.

Iron Technology

Speed Face Technology

Speed Channel from Cobra Golf is another new design to increase ball speed and forgiveness on all types of strokes, even mishits.

Hollow Space Design

They highly forgive mishits because of their hollow design, which decreases the CG and boosts launch. An Undercut Design for the Entire perimeter. The Scoring irons give golfers a more forgiving and accurate iron that is easier to hit with a deep undercut.

Fitting Message

Poorly-fitting irons can hurt your game. Too high or low, and you’ll either pull or push; don’t fall victim to this. 2nd Swing’s licensed Cobra Golf fitters can help you get the most out of your Cobra Golf irons. Short and long irons are included in the set-up, so you’ll be able to hit various shots. Check out what 2nd is all about today.

Hybrid Technology

Crown Zone Weighting
The Fly XL hybrid, like its fairway wood cousin, has a low and back centre of gravity thanks to Crown Zone Weighting, which shifts the weight from the crown to a lower and rear position in the clubhead.

As a result, the launch and moment of inertia (MOI) are enhanced, allowing for greater forgiveness when striking off-centre

Speed Channel Face
Cobra’s Speed Channel Face further contributes to the Fly XL’s distance and forgiving.

There is a trench around the clubface of the Speed Channel Face. As a result, quicker ball speeds may be achieved across the entire face since the thickness of the face is reduced.

Offset Design
With the Fly XL hybrid, the offset design makes it easier to square the clubface at impact, which results in a more consistent ball flight. As part of the review, we’ll cover this in greater detail.

Steel Shaft
Graphite Shaft

Stock Info Data
The Fly XL hybrid’s stock shaft and grip are the Fly Graphite and the Cobra Lamkin REL.



  • The wedges have excellent machined grooves.
  • The putter has a beautiful feel to it and comes with a cart bag with seven zippered slots.
  • Two hybrids are included in the package.
  • The driver has a lot of ball speed.


  • There isn’t a satisfactory sound in any of the clubs.
  • The woods have a heaviness to them.
  • Not ideal for players with a faster swing speed.
  • The irons are difficult to work with.
  • 96/100 on a scale of one to ten.


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Cobra F-Max Ladies Set

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Questions & Answers

What does XL mean on Cobra clubs?

XL stands for “extra long,” and refers to the distance the driver is meant to reach, rather than the club’s length—though the phrase may have a double meaning for a 48-inch driver, which is the longest allowed under the Rules of Golf.

Is Cobra Golf set good?

There is no doubt that Cobra is a high-quality brand. They have a wide range of starter clubs that are capable of beating any other brand’s offerings, and they’re usually well-placed as well. Their drives, woods, and hybrids, on the other hand, are more than capable of competing with the best in the industry.

When did Cobra Fyl XL come out?

In 2021, Cobra introduced the Fly XL irons, which are the company’s largest yet. As soon as it was released, the golf community erupted in excitement.

Which is better Callaway or cobra?

Lower-handicappers and professionals alike benefit from Callaway’s improved irons. As a result, Cobra has stayed faithful to its original mission and continues to provide decent irons for the ordinary golfer, but in our opinion, Callaway is also a better choice. In no way, shape, or form are we implying that Cobra’s golf clubs are subpar.

Do any pros use Cobra clubs?

Geoff Ogilvy, Camilo Villegas, Ian Poulter, Lexi Thompson, Bryson DeChambeau, and Rickie Fowler are just some of the players that have used Cobra clubs in the past. In addition to using Cobra clubs during his playing career, Greg Norman has a long-term relationship with the company.

What is a XL golf set?

An iron set, pitching wedge, and putter are all included in the Top Flight XL Set. In order to keep your clubs from slamming into each other while you’re carrying them, the bag has been divided six ways at the top. Five zippered pockets—including an enormous garment pocket—are also included.

What is the Difference between Cobra XL Speed and Cobra Fly XL?

For individuals who want to get better at golf, the Cobra Xl Speed set is a terrific option. The Fly XL set was introduced in 2021 and is a game improvement set designed to allow players with faster swing rates additional distance while still keeping the highest level of forgiveness possible.

What is Cobra Lite Flex?

Those who swing the club a touch too slowly for a standard shaft can benefit from this flex. Even more forgiveness will be provided by this shaft. Lite flex is ideal for golfers who hit their driver between 210 and 230 yards. This shaft flex can handle driver swing rates of up to 85mph.

FINAL Vardict

The Cobra Golf Fly XL is an excellent choice for beginners and mid-handicappers alike in terms of performance and forgiveness.

There is a lack of control and workability in the irons, which is our main gripe with the set. Despite their longevity, they aren’t great at placing balls precisely.

That being said, it’s hard to fault the set for its flaws, such as a putter that seems like it belongs in a higher-priced set, precision grooves on the wedges, and graphite stock shafts.

The Cobra Golf Fly XL is an excellent option if you’re starting or are aiming for a mid-handicap.

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