Cobra F-Max Airspeed Women’s Complete Golf Club Set Review

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed Women’s Complete Golf Club Set has the Hyper ability to Swing faster. Less complicated with Cobra’s lightest and most forgiving set of clubs. An entire set comes with a top rate cart bag and putter and is the best setup for all of us simply getting into the game.

The lineup of woods and irons construct on a heritage of supplying easy-to-hit, low-priced designs for reasonable pace golfers in The Cobra F-Max Airspeed. Though the line’s style of offset and drivers matching up with oversize, wide-soled irons continues, its Primary cross ahead now is to make it less complicated for common golfers to generate greater distance and top thru substantially lighter designs. How light? Yes, it is the lightest Complete women’s Golf club set in history.

Cobra, in my opinion, has grown to be the BEST company for whole units for girl golfers that can manage to pay for them. Yes, they are ways pricier than Callaway’s Strata sets, however, the great speaks for itself.

If you are looking for an expensive golf club set that lasts long and favors to buy a set of clubs that will operate properly and final a lifetime, the Cobra 2020 F-Max Airspeed women’s whole set is the one for you. If you are no longer at ease with spending the $1,000 to purchase this set, I’d suggest shopping for the more cost-effective Strata units till you can have enough money for a greater nice set.

Here’s our sincere evaluation of the Cobra F-Max Airspeed entire set for women.

Introducing Cobra F-Max Airspeed Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

Feel the Lightest Cobra F-Max Airspeed Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

The light-weight push sees the F-Max Airspeed driver drop a whole weight of 13 grams in contrast to final year’s F-Max Superlite line, whilst the F-Max Airspeed irons limit their common whole club weight by means of sixteen grams vs. F-Max Superlite, before the lightest Cobra offering. The F-Max Airspeed fairway woods shop is 20 grams over the ultimate year’s model, and the F-Max Airspeed hybrids are some 17.5 grams lighter than their instant predecessors. According to Cobra’s research, the weight financial savings in simply the irons produces an expansion in swing velocity of about a mile per hour.

At a whole weight of 285 grams, the F-Max Airspeed driver is some forty grams lighter than Cobra’s modern-day mainline F9 Speedback drivers. Cobra’s design engineers didn’t disclose the trick in inventing procedure to lighten F-Max Airspeed’s load, inclusive of a 40grm shaft in the driver.

“We made each aspect lighter,” stated Tom Olsavsky, Cobra’s vice president of lookup and development. “Not a single element has been overlooked when designing the Clubs. When we were making an attempt to maximize the weight of financial savings in this golf club set”

He also said “We even use an unpainted shaft with clearcoat and a decal graph to shop two greater grams of weight over a regularly painted shaft [on the driver]. That is an ideal illustration of the stage of the element that went into making these clubs as light-weight as possible.”

The Lightweight Driver

The lighter weight design doesn’t come with the sacrifice of the perfect middle of gravity on the driver, Olsavsky said. “Thanks to a carbon-composite club head, which is used first time in an F-Max Driver—the middle of gravity is nearly 30% reduced in F-Max Airspeed compared to F-Max Superlite”. Despite the lighter weight of the head, the middle of gravity is nevertheless two percentage farther returned and the second of inertia (or resistance to twisting on off-center hits) stayed higher. As has been the company’s custom, the F-Max Airspeed driver lineup additionally consists of an offset model to supply extra slice-fighting benefits, and greater lofted, offset fairway wooden models. The fairway woods additionally use a carbon-composite crown to decrease the middle of gravity by way of almost a third. A high-strength 455 stainless-steel face insert affords greater electricity at impact.

Key Features – Cobra F-Max Airspeed Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

Cobra F-Max Women’s Complete Golf Clubs set

The F-MAX Complete Set contains an offset driver, easy-to-hit F-MAX clubs to maximize distance and forgiveness, plus a full-featured golf cart bag.


Good matters come in threes. It will take your golfing experience to new heights with Technological advancement and promote effortless launch from tee to air, and forgiveness for reasonable swing speeds.



If you feel bothered to turn the club over, having weight targeted low and toward the heel will limit your slice and assist you to hit direct shots.


Cobra has made the lengthy irons more forgiving, the scoring irons more accurate, and the wedges more accurate.


Using a modern hosel design, we are capable of the best CG areas in the lengthy irons, scoring irons and wedges so they operate optimally for each and every kind of shot into the green.


Using an innovative offset design, The Cobra F-Max Golf club set is capable of best Track in the lengthy irons, scoring irons, and wedges so the lengthy irons have a lot of drawbacks and the wedges are more accurate.

Appearance: Professional & Well Built

The entire set comes in two shade options: black/pink or white/copper. Personally, I a great deal decide on the black/pink, as the bag will remain searching cleaner longer.

Of all the whole units on the market for women, this one screams “professionalism” and “high quality”. Most whole sets, on the different hand, scream “I’m new to golf and have no thinking what I am doing.”

Truthfully, it’s extraordinary to even name this an entire set. The time period “complete set” in golf usually skill cheaply made clubs for novices ONLY to enable them to step on the path with all critical clubs at the lowest rate possible. If higher ladies golfers had been searching for extraordinary clubs, they would commonly be compelled to purchase every club one at a time (driver, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putter, etc).

Cobra is making it effortless though. All of their top-of-the-line clubs. One purchase. Easy peasy.

All of the clubs have a true bit of offset. That offset permits your arms to be a little beforehand of the ball at impact, which will inspire higher contact and a draw-bias shot shape. Although greater offset is satisfactory for novice and greater handicaps, some mid to low handicap female golfers additionally decide upon some offset as well.

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed golf bag has 14 character dividers for every club. It additionally has 9 zippered compartments and a massive beverage cooler that is insulated.

Performance: Long & Forgiving

The major intention with the Cobra F-Max Airspeed women’s entire set? This is to be As long as possible Lightweight and more Forgiving

If you hostilities with producing adequate clubhead pace and constantly hitting the core of the membership face, this set is the one for you. Again, though, solely if you can have enough money.

Cobra took out as tons weight from the clubheads as they perchance ought to whilst nonetheless retaining club face strength. The shafts are additionally terrific mild to permit you to generate as much club head pace as possible. Keep in thinking that lighter clubs are commonly barely much less consistent, however you’ll get used to the set over time and enhance your consistency.

The facilities of gravity of the clubs are splendidly low, and there is a lot of perimeter weighting to end result in a large candy spot. Those aggregate outcomes in excessive ball flights and excessive ranges of forgiveness on off-center hits.

When it comes to durability, there is no query that this whole set will remain 10x longer than Strata whole sets, and at least 20x longer than off-branded whole units that are very engaging due to their low charge tags.

Overall, the Cobra F-Max Airspeed whole set will be longer, have greater accuracy, and greater long-lasting than different whole units on the market.

Cobra F-Max Airspeed Women’s Complete Golf Club Set Includes

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed women’s entire set comes with the following:

  • driver (15 degrees)
  • three wood
  • 5 wood
  • 7 wood
  • 5 hybrid
  • 6-PW irons
  • sand wedge
  • a mallet putter
  • and a top-class cart bag.

The driver, woods, and hybrid all come with great-looking headcovers. And again, all of these clubs are made simply like their top-class person clubs however bought at a cut-price rate when bundled all collectively into an entire set.

Specifications of Cobra F-Max Airspeed Women’s Complete Golf Club Set


ModelLoftLie AngleLengthSwing WeightVolumeStock FlexRH/LH


ModelLoftLie AngleLengthSwing
3 F19.0°58.0°42.25″C3170ccWomen’sRH
5 F23.0°59.0°41.75″C3165ccWomen’sRH
7 F27.0°60.0°41.25″C3160ccWomen’sRH


ModelLoftLie AngleLengthSwing


Weight (Graphite)
Stock Flex
6 Iron28.0°62.5°4.536.75″C2Women’sRH
7 Iron31.5°62.5°4.536.25″C2Women’sRH
8 Iron35.5°63.0°3.835.75″C2Women’sRH
9 Iron40.0°63.5°3.135.25″C2Women’sRH


ModelLoftLie AngleLengthRH/LH

Cobra F-Max Airspeed Women’s Complete Golf Club Set Overview

The F-Max set is Cobra’s lightest, most forgiving set of clubs. This full set and bag supply you the whole thing you will want for getting into golf and taking part in for many years thereafter.


The F–Max entire set comes with a 460cc offset driver which provides tremendous distance and forgiveness. The F-Max driver is thirteen grams lighter than the preceding model, which permits you to generate extra club head velocity and distance with no greater force.

The F-Max driver points a carbon fiber crown which has attributed to the weight-saving however has additionally allowed the designers to push the middle of mass even decrease down and in addition lower back from the face. The end result is high-launching, energy drives, and terrific forgiveness for off-center hits.

The offset plan similarly will increase the driver’s forgiveness and promotes an effective draw ball flight. Making this perfect if you have a tendency to slice your drives.

The men’s driver comes in 10.5º of loft and the ‘lite’ seniors model comes with 11.5º of loft, the women’s driver has 15º of the loft. This is Cobra’s way of optimizing using overall performance for all players. As swing velocity decreases golfers require a little greater loft to optimize ball launch.

Impressive work Cobra.
The men’s entire units come with an outsized three and 5-wood. Again, the F-Max fairway woods have been handled to the weight-saving cure – a lighter shaft and a carbon fiber crown have created a fairway wooden that is each effective and has a large sweet spot. These fairway woods are perfect for hitting off the tee and sweeping pictures off the fairway.

The women’s full set comes with the addition of a 7-wood too, which you’ll discover is an amazing club for hitting high-flighted pictures into par 3’s and par 4’s.

Irons & hybrids

The men’s F-Max whole set comes with a 4-hybrid (22º) and 5-hybrid (25º). These are cutting-edge options to regular lengthy irons and are a long way less complicated to hit.

The hybrids have a shallow face and a core of mass pushed low down toward the heel of the club – this format helps the club face shut and promotes an excessive draw ball flight.

Whilst we are discussing hybrids right here is a rapid little tip – hybrids are nevertheless designed to be struck like an iron. So, take into account to strike down on your hybrid shots, as a substitute than sweeping them like a fairway wood.

The irons in the F-Max entire set to run from 6-iron thru to sand wedge. Each iron has a deep cavity lower back layout permitting weight to be pushed to the perimeter of the membership and low down. The end result is very forgiving irons (large sweet spot) and high-launching iron shots.

Another excellent design feature in the F-Max irons is their revolutionary diagram from mid-irons to quick irons.

The longer irons have a brief hosel, low center of gravity, and large offset, which promotes a high, powerful, draw ball flight.

As you go closer to the brief irons and wedges you’ll note the hosel size increases. Creating a greater middle of gravity and the quick irons have much less offset. This format creates extra manage in the shorter irons and will assist produce flighted wedge shots.

The typical end result is a set of irons that supply you exquisite forgiveness and electricity in the longer irons and greater manage in the shorter irons.

Summery-Cobra F-Max Airspeed Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

The F-Max Airspeed line consists of a couple of iron set options, as properly as full-bag units and a full array of women’s clubs. That consists of a two-hybrid, five-iron combo set, the place the hybrids function weighting low, deep, and towards the heel. The full bag units encompass a cart bag, driver, two fairway woods, two hybrids, 5 irons, a wedge, and a blade putter. (The women’s variations provide three fairway woods and one hybrid.)

The F-Max Airspeed clubs will be the company’s most affordable full lineup in the top class category. That consists of the driver at $330, the fairway woods at $220, and the hybrids at $200. The iron units will be presented at more than one charge point: $600 in metal and $650 in graphite for seven irons (5-iron thru-hole wedge); $700 for a set of two hybrids and 5 irons. The whole units run for $1,200.


Below I’ve put collectively a listing of choice picks you may additionally want to consider.

Similar price point: Callaway Strata

Wilson SGI vs Callaway Strata entire set

The Callaway Strata whole set is probably the closest to the Wilsons in phrases of rate and performance. I would say the driver and woods are very comparable between to two sets, however, the Wilson SGI’s simply area is due to the fact of their extraordinary irons and wedges.

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A degree up in Quality: Cobra XL golf clubs

The Cobra XL are the predecessors of the F-max set blanketed above. The Cobra XL full set comes with all the tools you will want as novice golf and it is all significantly excessive quality. Again, a little greater in charge in contrast to the Wilson Profile SGI Complete set, however, you’ll observe the distinction in the overall performance of the driver, fairway woods, and hybrids.

Find more about the Cobra XL complete set

Callaway Strata Plus Women’s Golf Set (14 piece)

This set from Strata was once made for distance and accuracy. From the 460CC driver to the mallet-style putter, these clubs have superior facets that can assist novices and intermediates.

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Wilson Profile Women’s SGI Complete golf club Set

With perimeter-weighted stainless metal irons, a top-class stand bag, and a driver with a sufficient sweet spot, this Wilson set for females will take your sport to a new level.

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Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

Getting the most out of a beginner’s set for Women’s golf clubs is a challenge. Manufacturers appear to suppose that simply due to the fact a lady is beginning out with the game, that they won’t want a golf club set that can develop with them and assist increase their skills. Our discovering of Aspire X1 women’s Complete golf club set.

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