Callaway Strata Plus 14-Piece Women’s Set

Are you a Golf Lover? then your selection for Callaway Strata Plus 14-Piece Women’s Set is never wrong . This package deal set can help each beginner and expert golfer simply well. In case you nonetheless now do not understand without a doubt about this set, our Callaway Strata Plus assessment will assist you out.

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Thinking about its Completeness? don’t worry, The Callaway Strata Plus 14-Piece Women’s Set is designed with distance and forgiveness technologies for ladies who favor to without problems hit correct Shots that go a lengthy way. Now you have full route coverage from tee-to-green, giving you the confidence to hit proper shots with each and every club in the bag.

Callaway Strata Plus 14-Piece Women’s Set Includes

All your golfing needs are included in this set

  • Driver x 1
  • 5-wood club x 1
  • 5-hybrid club x 1
  • 6 to 9 Iron x 1
  • PW and SW x 1
  • Putter x 1
  • Stand bag x 1
  • Headcovers x 3

Callaway Strata Plus 14-Piece Women’s Set Specifications

NameLoft( °)AvailabilityStandard Lenght (‘)Lie ( °)Swing HeightClub Weight (g)
Driver14RH Only4458C7327
Fairway Wood18 RH Only 40.5058 C7 354
5H26 RH Only 37.2560.50 C7 387
6-Iron28 RH Only 36.5061.50 C7 403
7-Iron32 RH Only 3662 C7 405
8-Iron36 RH Only 35.5062.50 C7 414
9-Iron40 RH Only 3563 C7 416
PW44 RH Only 34.5064 C7 421
SW54 RH Only 34.5064C9426
Putter3 RH Only 3472N/A525

Callaway Strata Plus 14-Piece Women’s Set Features and Benifits

Mighty DriverRating 4.7/5

Callaway strata plus women’s golf clubs provide a light-weight 460cc titanium driver.

The large light-weight head approves for a large sweet spot that presents most forgiveness, mainly for beginners.

The 10.5° loft will aid with effortlessly getting the ball into the air off the tee for high flying and longer drives that will put a smile on any golfers’ faces.

The 56° lie angle will make sure that the clubface is flat on the turf for most average-sized women assisting in top contact.

A light-weight graphite shaft measuring 44” is best for girls to create most pace during the swing.

All rounder Fairway Wood: Rating 4.6/5

After hitting a driver, the fairway wood assists in getting female to the inexperienced most frequently.

This fairway wood covered in the Callaway strata women golf clubs has an aerodynamic head form with 18° of loft for a penetrating ball trajectory. The stain-resistant stainless-steel clubhead and 40.5” graphite shaft inspire quicker swing speeds main to extra distance.

The 7.5° distinction in loft between the driver and fairway wood affords a correct gap in distance.

There is no longer a lot of distinction in the lie perspective from the driver and at 58° it will suit most women golfers.

Irons & Wedges: Rating 4.4/5

The Callaway women’s strata plus iron set consists of irons and wedges that come as standard. It stages from a 6-iron to a sand wedge.

Clubs are weight centered low on the clubface presenting a combination of forgiveness and control.

Loft differs through 4° between the various clubs barring for the sand iron that is 10° extra than the pitching wedge.

This gives for constant gapping between the irons and you might also have to buy a hole wedge to fill the hole between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge

Shaft lengths vary by means of ½” between the a variety of clubs as the range on the club increases.

It is solely the sand wedge that is the identical size as the pitching wedge. This promotes a constant swing on your irons and wedges.

Perimeter weighting and revolutionary sole widths on the irons and wedges make them easy to hit and the graph creates a excessive ball flight.

Hybrids: Rating 4.3/5

Hybrids are perfect for female golfers, and they are used via many guys on the expert circuit, to get out of some tough positions.

Beginners will gain pretty from a hybrid that will help in getting the ball airborne and perfect for lengthy strategy shots.

The 26° loft 5 hybrid contains the set of woods in your bag.

The 8° difference in loft between the fairway wood and hybrid is comparable to the distinction between the driver and fairway wood.

This ensures that the gaps between your woods will supply a constant distinction in distance.

The shaft is 3” shorter than the fairway wood making the better clubhead simpler to manage and supply the required forgiveness.

Putter: Rating 5/5

Completing the clubs in the set is the mallet putter with 3° loft, a 34″ lengthy shaft, and 72° lie angle to suit most average-sized women.

A mallet putter is usually heavier than a blade putter to create a satisfied and steady feel.

The putter included in this set has a T-style alignment, well-sized head for effortless alignment.

It is an entry-level set and therefore the face of the putter is now not milled.

This can influence the contact between the putter face and the golf ball, however, should supply constant results for your entry-level golfer

Loving Headcovers: Rating 5/5

For Standard Protection it comes with Three Headcovers for Hybrid, Driver & Fairway wood.

Beautiful Stand Bag: Rating 4.5/5

Carrying your newly obtained golf clubs in a light-weight bag is an essential section of playing your excellent golf.

The bag comes with 5 pockets to store all your accessories and there is an extra cooler pocket to hold your liquid and different refreshments clean and cool.

If you stay in an area where there is widely wide-spread rain you will be thrilled that the bag comes with a rain hood to guard your clubs in inclement weather.

Carrying the Callaway strata plus women’s golf clubs is handy as the bag has a padded strap device that sits readily and distributes weight evenly.

The excellent Stand Bag makes access to your clubs easy and avoids you having to lay it down on the grass.

The four full-length dividers make Organised and safe your clubs an easy experience.

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FAQ about Callaway Strata Plus 14-Piece Women’s Set

Callaway Strata Plus 14-Piece Women’s Set designed for what Type of player?

This set is designed to suit most excessive handicappers and golfers that are beginning and prefer all the clubs required from tee to green, getting up on the green from shut range, and a reliable mallet putter.

What wedges are included with Callaway women’s strata plus golf clubs?

The Callaway strata women golf clubs consists of a 44° pitching wedge and 54° sand wedge

is Callaway Strata Plus 14-Piece Women’s Set Suitable for Men?

Unfortunately, this set is aimed at girls and would no longer be advocated for men. Callaway does have a comparable set reachable for men.


Selecting the best-suited golf set for a female that begins their golf journey should be an alternatively challenging experience with hundreds of terminology to understand.

If you pick an unsuitable set it ought to damage your love for the recreation and lead you to conflict each round.

The Callaway strata plus women’s golf clubs will useful resource you on your direction from novice to turn out to be a superior player.

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