Callaway Mavrik Hybrid Iron Set [All You Want to Know]

We Reviewed and Tested Callaway MAVRIK, MAVRIK PRO and MAVRIK MAX Hybrid Iron set in this epic Article.

Due to extraordinary demand throughout the golf industry, there is a scarcity of shafts and grips. Though we will make each effort to install the inline “stock” shaft and hold, we may also want to replace an equal top-class shaft/grip on occasion. This shaft would be in a similar weight type and flex as the inventory product, and the grip would be of comparable weight and kind. We admire your appreciation and guide as we proceed to deal with this aspect shortage.

For the initial way in their golf irons, Callaway applied their synthetic Genius science to create a ground-breaking performance quality. The Callaway MAVRIK irons are the first irons to characteristic Flash Face technology. With their unique computer-created design, the face of every iron is distinct to supply the particular overall performance golfers want with every loft. Combine that innovation with the signature Face Cup they use on their irons, and these golf clubs provide you with a long, steady distance.

These irons are more significant than simply distance. Callaway uses their urethane microspheres to beautify the sense of the clubs besides slowing down the face. Every iron also aspects a customised tungsten weight positioned to optimise launch and trajectory particular to every loft. There are three fashions available: MAVRIK, MAVRIK Max, and MAVRIK Pro, designed to supply a set of MAVRIK golf irons to each kind of golfer. See them in motion in our distinctive video reviews. if you are looking for a single Hybrid then look for TaylorMade M6 Hybrid and TaylorMade RBZ Hybrid


Industry-leading Ball Speeds From Flash Face Cup Technology

For the first time, we’re the usage of Artificial Intelligence in an iron. We’ve created a state-of-the-art face structure that’s special to every loft, so we can create a giant enhance in ball velocity and multiplied spin robustness off of each iron.

Optimal Launch From Tungsten Energy Core

For the first time, we’re the usage of Artificial Intelligence in an iron. The customised tungsten-infused weights in every iron permit us to come across the role of the C.G. in every iron with high-quality precision whilst retaining ball velocity in the Flash Face Cup. This promotes the most effective launch and ball flight thru the set, from full lofts and participant, desired trajectory, spin rates, and land angles.

Unprecedented Feel From Urethane Microspheres

We’ve carried out our patented urethane microspheres to soak up undesirable vibration comprehensively for a pure feel while maximising COR for gorgeous ball speed.

Flash Face SS20 + Jailbreak Technology + Face Cup For Fast Ball Speed

Flash Face SS20 developed from a high-strength metal face works with demonstrated Jailbreak technological know-how and our famed Face Cup Technology to promote tremendously excessive ball speed.

True Temper Elevate 95

An excessive overall performance lightweight metal shaft that helps amplify preliminary launch attitude and spin rate. An effortless to play post that enhances iron play with greater accelerated lift distance and more excellent spin into greens.

Project X Catalyst

It is engineered to replicate the experience and overall performance of ordinary metal shafts. Iso-6 science mimics metal thru stabile feel, regular launch, and tight dispersion besides compromising the usual easy-to-load and excessive launch traits of a graphite design.


They are designed for a vast vary of gamers in search of maximising the overall performance of their iron shafts with trajectory, spin, and distance in a consistent, lighter weight package, making it less complicated for you to produce an overall performance on every shot.

Callaway MAVRIK Irons Review

Mavrik Distance in Every Face

Our MAVRIK Irons enchantment to a broad vary of players, with surprisingly quickly ball speeds from A.I and our Flash Face structure for long, regular distance. To furnish overall performance to fit these distance technologies, every iron is engineered to optimize launch and trajectory whilst merchandising participant desired courses, spin rates, and land angles. We believe TaylorMade RBZ Rescue Hybrid will also make you interested

Industry-leading Ball Speeds From Flash Face Cup Technology

For the first time, we’re the use of Artificial Intelligence in an iron. We’ve created a state-of-the-art face structure unique to every loft to make a massive improvement in ball pace and elevated spin robustness off of every iron. And ball pace is similarly more robust via our 360 Face Cup that flexes and releases at impact.

Optimal Launch From Tungsten Energy Core

The customized tungsten-infused weights in every iron enable us to discover the function of the C.G. in every iron with superb precision whilst preserving ball pace in the Flash Face Cup. This promotes gold standard launch and ball flight via the set, from full lofts and player desired trajectory, spin rates, and land angles.

Unprecedented Feel From Urethane Microspheres

We’ve carried out our patented urethane microspheres to soak up undesirable vibration comprehensively for a pure feel whilst maximizing COR for fantastic ball speed.

Premium Components

MAVRIK is accessible in inventory top rate shafts from True Temper, Project X, and KBS with top-class Golf Pride Grips.

Product Specifications

ModelLoft (*)Lie Angle (*)Length (“)Steel Swing WeightGraphite Swing Weight

Callaway MAVRIK Hybrid Review

Distance That Defies Convention

Characterized using a mid-sized head with a rectangular toe and justified scoring traces analogous to an iron face. They low C.G., excessive MOI, and speed-enhancing applied sciences mix to make MAVRIK convenient to play. Long approaches, lengthy par-threes, and 2d pictures on par- fives grew to become much extra fun.

A.I. outlined Face Architecture for the First Time in a Hybrid

We used A.I. to graph a specialized face for every loft of each model to optimize ball velocity overall performance in all MAVRIK hybrids.

Flash Face SS20 + Jailbreak Technology + Face Cup for Fast Ball Speed

Flash Face SS20 developed from a high-strength metal face works with validated Jailbreak science and our famed Face Cup Technology to promote tremendously excessive ball speed.

Different Head Shapes and Sizes to Appeal to a Wide Range of Players

This whole hybrid lineup offers gamers an exceptional desire between a less complicated launch or extra penetrating ball flight from a square-toed form to a cambered fairway-wood shape. (Available in Standard, Max, and Pro offerings)

Fast, Forgiving and Easy to Launch

The outstanding aggregate of speed, steadiness and C.G. placement promotes the effortless launch. Lengthy elevate and gentle landings? Precisely how a hybrid is predicted to perform.

Product Specification

ModelLoft (*)Lie Angle (*)Length (“)Swing Weight


The Callaway MAVRIK Max irons are the prime expensive overall performance package that Callaway consists of in the MAVRIK entrants. Their Max irons are made for even more excellent game-improving performance. The Max overall performance package deal facets a larger, confidence-inspiring shape, wider sole, and decreased core of gravity, all designed to be extra forgiving, launch higher, and raise the ball longer.

Who It’s For

The Callaway MAVRIK Max irons are perfect for golfers searching for the most forgiveness and distance with more excellent ball flight. With an oversized shape, these are an outsized sports enhancement club designed to supply the most distance and forgiveness whilst making it less complicated to launch the ball in the air. For gamers who tend to omit to the right, the Max irons function tremendous amounts of offset.


Source: TGW

Callaway MAVRIK Max irons are constructed for distance, and our trying out confirmed simply that. Our product tester noticed an enlarge of around 5 yards in the distance with the eight iron over his contemporary club. Ball velocity used to be barely more significant; however, the decrease spin-charge and greater launch perspective produced stable elevation and descent perspective to reap distance and preserve greens. All in all, we noticed about a half-club greater distance with MAVRIK Max.



Like the irons, the Callaway MAVRIK Max hybrid facets a distinct overall performance package deal designed to decorate the playability of these golf clubs for sport enhancement golfers. The most significant distinction in the Max hybrids from the well-known MAVRIK is the head shape. MAVRIK Max hybrids are extensive with different innovative head shapes from loft to loft. They are made to simplify and be extra forgiving. The recreation enhancement golfers want in the long game.

Who It’s For

The Callaway MAVRIK Max hybrid is a sports enhancement golf club. This is the hybrid for golfers who want greater forgiveness and a little assist in hitting the ball higher. It aspects a large footprint that conjures up self-assurance for the recreation enhancment golfer.


With the Callaway MAVRIK Max hybrid, our product professional used to get 207 yards of raise with roll out to a complete 225 yards. We noticed ball speeds around 133 mph and membership head pace of ninety-four mph. The three hybrids produced an excessive ball flight for our take a look at with a top of 106 ft, so the participant who doesn’t hit the ball pretty absurd will get some assistance in that area. We additionally noticed a touchdown perspective of forty-four stages so that it will keep the green.



MAVRIK Pro irons are the players’ model of the MAVRIK irons. The Pro overall performance package deal is constructed around higher golfers’ matters in their golf irons (For Mid Handicappers). The clubhead is compacter, the topline is thinner, and there is much less offset in every club. All the matters professional golfers like are packed into the MAVRIK Pro irons alongside Callaway’s signature applied sciences like Flash Face Technology with Face Cup, the Tungsten Energy Core, and urethane microspheres.

Who It’s For

Callaway MAVRIK Pro irons are the MAVRIK set for the extra knowledgeable golfer. They have a player-preferred graph that higher golfers love with a different compact head, thinner topline, and much less offset. The more excellent practicable seem of the MAVRIK Pro irons will enchantment to professional players.



Callaway MAVRIK irons are a little bit large recreation enchancment clubs, and you will word that proper away. It is oversized, down with the aid of the ball, it does have a little thicker topline, and the universal dimension of the membership is larger. That does inherently make these irons greater forgiving. They do have an easy seem to be as Callaway predicted and encourage self-assurance with the measurement at address.


The MAVRIK irons had a tender sense for a sport enchancment iron. Sometimes, oversized irons sacrifice some reason for the greater distance and forgiveness; however, the MAVRIK irons do not compromise on feel. The sound was once now not muted or too “twangy”, as our product professional described it. It’s the best feeling and sounding alternative for this year.


Callaway MAVRIK Pro hybrids are the ideal associate for the Pro irons package. They characteristic a player-preferred fairway wood shape. The sole of the Pro hybrids is made with a more significant camber designed for crisp turf interplay and an extra controllable ball flight. For the additional expert golfer who wishes to work the ball and form their shot in the long game, the Callaway MAVRIK Pro hybrid is the model of choice.

Who It’s For

The Callaway MAVRIK Pro hybrid is designed for the higher golfer. It aspects a decreasing trajectory and viable ball battle, making it an excellent alternative for participants who desire more excellent manipulation over lengthy recreation shots.


Source: TGW

When trying out the Callaway MAVRIK Pro hybrid, this golf club produced the lowest, most piercing ball flight over the MAVRIK line. With a 12-degree launch angle, we saw a top peak of seventy-two ft as nicely as a greater shallow 35-degree touchdown angle. Our product specialist swung the Pro model at ninety-two mph, producing a ball pace of a hundred thirty-five mph and an elevated distance of 207 yards. With the rollout, he hit the MAVRIK Pro a complete of 234 yards.


The Callaway MAVRIK hybrids function a steady seems to be with preceding Callaway models. They are handy to align to the ball and manipulate the face with a traditional look. One distinction is the use of the burnt orange accent shade in the previous we have considered hues of inexperienced and blue. The general silhouette of the hybrids is regular with what we have believed from the Callaway brand.


Consistent is additionally the acceptable way to describe the sound and experience of the Callaway MAVRIK hybrids. Any golfer who has hit a Callaway hybrid golf club over the final few years will be acquainted with the way the MAVRIK fashions sound and feel. With a depended-on golf club identity like Callaway, you can be counted on getting persistently good experience and sound when you swing one of these clubs.


FAQ on Callaway Mavrik Iron Hybrid Golf Clubs

Can I get seven as a substitute for 7 Iron? While Using Callaway Mavrik Hybrid Iron set

When buying a Callaway golf club, you are supplied with a seven iron.

However, if you desire a seven hybrid, you want to order it individually, as it is now not a product section.

Do the hybrids have a headcover in The Callaway Mavrik Hybrid Iron Set?

Most hybrids come with a headcover to be top-saved and blanketed from risky exterior elements like put on and tear and keep away from scratches.

If your golf club doesn’t encompass a headcover, purchasing one as a safety pad would be fantastic.

Do all the Callaway Mavrik Hybrid Iron set golf clubs come with graphite shafts?

Each kind of shaft is made from a particular material, along with steel, graphite, and iron.

Therefore, it’s up to you to order your favored shaft with an appropriate material.

However, we propose you purchase a graphite shaft, as it is lightweight, handy, and durable.

Is Callaway Mavrik Hybrid Iron set Golf Club designed for the left-handers?

As a versatile and accessible golf club, this product is designed for each proper and left-hander.

Any participant can journey its stunning features, so this golf club is nevertheless the best desire if you are now not a right-handed player.

What golf clubs come with this Callaway Mavrik Hybrid Iron combo set?

There are four clubs in total. They are iron 3,4,5 pitching wedges.

The longer the pitching wedge is, the greater correct and long-distance the photographs become.

However, an iron five pitching wedge is tremendously challenging to manage than the different two ones.

Therefore, you must base on your competencies to pick the great one.


We guess that after searching via our Article on Callaway Mavrik Max Hybrid Iron Combo Set, you have received all the wished data about this excellent product and determined whether or not to buy one or not.

With such lovely facets cited above, it will in no way fail to fulfill your needs.

And now, let’s purchase this fantastic golf club, ride its overwhelming performance, and have a whale of a time enjoying with your beloved.

You will be amazed by the brilliant results! Cheers!!!

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