15 Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers – 2021 Reviews

If you are a golfer who is searching for the best golf irons for mid handicappers, then this article can help. We have compiled a listing of the irons units that are designed to swimsuit your wants as a participant with bespoke picks for multiplied control, distance, and feel. These clubs will assist you to get higher at golf and extend your enjoyment on the course!

Best Golf irons for mid Handicappers

Buying a new set of irons can be a highly-priced minefield if you don’t recognize what you’re searching for. Nowhere is this extra real than in the mid handicap sector, the place gamers can doubtlessly use each and every alternative in a brand’s vary with some diploma of success.

If you are a golfer between the eight to eighteen handicap range, expecting Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers. This can be challenging however with a little investigation, you will be capable to locate mid-handicap irons to go well with your requirements.

Those who are step by step enhancing will are seeking a set that affords lots of experience and control, whilst those who are possibly heading the different way or enjoying much less often will be greater perfect to designs that provide higher tiers of forgiveness.

Whichever fashions make the grade, you are going to revel in seeing and feeling the advantages of contemporary technology.

These encompass the likes of pocket-cavity designs that put forgiveness in smaller head shapes, tungsten weighting that helps decrease twisting on heel and toe mishits, and thinner faces and sole slots that suggest you’ll discover the energy generally related to larger-profile irons.

One precise avenue that can supply the satisfaction of each world somewhat, is the compact mid-handicap iron. They have a tendency to have compact-looking heads however nonetheless provide forgiveness, experience, and management too.

In this article, I’ll supply you with a few tips as to what you must appear for in a Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers set, and additionally overview and examine a few of the excellent golf irons on the market targeted at mid-handicap golfers which had been launched for the most contemporary golf season.

My top pick for Best Golf Irons For Mid Handicappers

Based on my experience and expertise I have tested a variety of Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers. After my 29 hours of testing and research, My best pick are as follows –

  1. Callaway Apex DCB 21 Irons
  2. Ping i500 Irons
  3. TaylorMade P790 Irons
  4. TaylorMade P770 Irons
  5. Cobra KING RADSPEED Irons
  6. Titleist T100S Irons
  7. Ping G425
  8. TaylorMade M4 Combo (Hybrid/Iron) Set
  9. Mizuno MP-20 HMB
  10. Mizuno JPX921 Forged Irons
  11. PXG 0311 P GEN4 Irons
  12. Wilson Staff D7 Forged Irons
  13. Titleist T200 Irons
  14. Callaway Mavrik Pro Irons
  15. TaylorMade SIM2 Max Irons

Callaway Apex DCB 21 Irons

Best Overall Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

If I had to choose the best iron available in the 2021 iron models I’ve tested, it would be the Apex DCB 21 branded by Callaway.

This would be the ideal suit for the mid-handicapper who desires a very healthful dose of forgiveness and distance, however additionally with a sense and appears that resemble a player’s iron.

Callaway Apex DCB 21 Irons

The Apex DCB 21 iron has a lot of options you’ll love for. Its key applied sciences are:

  • A.I. Flash Face Cup: designed by way of synthetic intelligence, this consists of a complicated face structure that is special for each iron in the set. It affects unheard-of ball speeds, distance control, and spin robustness.
  • Tungsten Energy Core: up to 50 grams of tungsten are contained in the mid and lengthy irons, permitting the core of gravity (CG) to be exactly located for excessive launch and brought forgiveness.
  • Premium Forged Feel: the physique is made from 1025 slight carbon steel, whilst proprietary urethane microspheres assist soak up mis-hit vibrations except sacrificing sense or sound.

As is popular with Callaway, the Apex DCB 21 irons have an extraordinary inventory shaft and grip picks that the majority of golfers are positive to have success with.

Loft20°-48° (4-AW)
Lie60.5°-64° (4-AW)
Length35.5″-38.75″ (AW-4)
Offset2.79mm-5.08mm (AW-4)


  • produces mid-high launch, low spin & excessive ball speed, permitting for large distance with stopping energy into greens
  • terrific forgiveness
  • benefits from effective performance-enhancing technologies
  • has some of the nice turf interplays out there


  • the lower spine can be troublesome in sure situations
  • has many of the drawbacks that come from extra forgiving irons together with decreased workability and shot feedback

Hyper Golfer Virdict

In my view, the Apex DCB 21 irons are mostly used in the game-improvement class — they’re too forgiving to be viewed as a gamers iron, and the spin fee is too low to be regarded as a “max” game-improvement iron.

This is why being a mid-handicapper desires awesome forgiveness. However, nothing severe one way or the other, this iron is a perfect choice.

Having stated that, what earns the Apex DCB 21 iron the #1 spot on our listing is that it has a broad attraction and virtually no standout weaknesses.

Ping i500 Irons

Great Distance, High Launch

The i500 golf irons are Ping’s providing in the growing hollow-headed iron market for pro players. Classy look, compact design, and awesome overall performance – let’s dive into some detail.


The i500 golf irons seem to be sophisticated, but simple. They tick all the bins when it comes to appearance. And though that doesn’t assurance excellent golf shots, it’s a precise start.

The i500 iron advantages from a skinny pinnacle line with minimal offset, with few clues of their cast hole physique design. The head measurement is moderate, and in aggregate with the muscle lower back design, offers self-assurance to those whose ball-striking may additionally have quickly left them.

Forgiveness of this Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

Ping category the i500 as gamers distance irons, searching to bridge the hole between full out participant irons and sport improvement/cavity lower back irons. These golf irons provide tremendous forgiveness in a plenty sleeker package.

How have they executed this? The first distinctions we want to make are that these are hollow-headed irons, with a wood-style face. These advantages the golfer by means of presenting larger distance on off-center strikes and increased MOI (resistance to twisting).

Consequently, they will swimsuit a large vary of golfers than you would possibly think. We would honestly think about them appropriate for these with handicaps of up to 12, and possibly even as excessive as 15 if the player in query is fairly steady in their ball striking.

Power & distance

The whole head and metal face grant increased face flexion on impact, and in turn, create higher ball speed.

The Ping i500 golf irons come in instead sturdy lofts as famous (7 iron 30.5 Degree), at the identical time as the muscle again geometry lets in the face flexing to amplify dynamic loft, launching the ball higher with lots much less spin – higher distance.

The mild trade-off is much less spin in contrast to other, extra player-focused irons.


The i500 feels effective off the face, and don’t sting your fingers when you pass over the candy spot on a bloodless day!

That’s no longer to say that they don’t experience gentle when sweetly struck, however, if a buttery gentle experience is your priority, seem in the direction of the many choices from Mizuno. The closest competition to the i500 would be the MP20-HMB.

Control, launch & shot-shaping

The minimal offset will swimsuit a participant whose horrific shot tends to end result in pull or hook form ball flights or those who decide to work with a mild fade.

In addition, Ping has used precision milling to produce a clubface that grants steady launch conditions, and consequently trajectories. Additionally, the Hydropearl end is simply not for the looks, it also helps to stop fliers when the grass is wet.

As mentioned above though, these irons will have a tendency to be a bit decrease spinning than most “workable” irons, and so it is vital that the shaft you pair it with receives the spin into the proper window to assist with distance management and shaping shots. If a greater trajectory is required, reflect on consideration on the retro loft spec which will increase the loft by using two degrees.


The i500 golf irons tick a lousy lot of boxes, from their fascinating appears down to first-rate overall performance benefits.

If you are a stable ball-striker who is searching for a little greater distance barring sacrificing appears and playability, the Ping i500 irons are an exceptional choice.

TaylorMade P790 Irons

TaylorMade is a top golf gear manufacturer that has developed high-performing irons for decades.

The P790 iron, in particular, has factors of a player’s iron such as a casting development and a basic design. However, but it has exquisite distance and forgiveness that absolutely widen its appeal.

The key Tech features of the P790 iron are:

  • A cast hollow-body construction: a pretty new style in cutting-edge golf irons, this lets in for sleeker, slimmer heads alongside improved playability.
  • SpeedFoam: this proprietary super-light urethane foam is injected interior the head simply at the back of the face. Enhancing ball speeds throughout the face as nicely as feel.
  • redesigned low-profile tungsten weighting: located in the decrease phase of the head. This lowers the middle of gravity (CG) and for this reason, promotes a greater launch.

The inventory shafts presented with the P790 irons are the True Temper Dynamic Gold one zero five (steel) and UST Recoil 780/760 SmacWrap (graphite).

In this case, the metal shaft is endorsed for extra expert gamers that don’t want to assist in launching the ball high. So we usually advise a graphite shaft for mid-handicappers.

Loft19°-50° (3-AW)
Lie60.5°-64° (3-AW)
Length35.5″-39″ (AW-3)
Offset1.6mm-3.5mm (AW-3)


  • impressive forgiveness is given low offset and different “players” characteristics
  • easy to make the ball tee to air
  • very lengthy with a first-rate feel
  • does a stunning job of balancing gamers advantages and GI benefits


  • pricey
  • can have bad consequences if the shaft or grip is wrong

Final Thoughts by Hyper Golfer

The TaylorMade P790 irons are geared toward greater knowledgeable gamers than the Apex DCB 21 irons (above) are. But what we’ve determined is that forgiveness is almost as good.

This, alongside the notable length, makes the P790 irons an exceptional desire for mid-handicappers. Mainly those who dislike the chunky seem of super-GI irons. Just be certain to get a shaft and grip kind that fits you.

TaylorMade P770 Irons

exceptional distance

In the P7 series, The TaylorMade P770 is proven for its forgiveness. However, don’t be distracted we are far away from the TaylorMade Sim Max irons. TaylorMade describes the P770’s like a compact, player’s iron, constructed for distance.

Looks of This Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

The TM P770’s are stunning-looking golf equipment – the blade-like heads have a solid hollow body – though you would in no way be aware if these irons had been hole through a look or how they feel.

The P770’s irons have a thinner top line, shorter blade length, and much less offset than the large P790 irons. If you are a fan of usual appears and minimal offset you will love the appearance of these at the back of the golf ball.


The hole head plan creates degrees of forgiveness that you would now not assume from such a small club head. The hollow-headed diagram is accompanied by using a tungsten toe weight to similarly expand the clubs’ second of inertia and Speed Pocket™ Tech in the longer irons.

This plan strikes the core of gravity low down and away from the face, ensuing in accelerated forgiveness. Although the plan is impressive, you can’t anticipate Sim Max’s stages of forgiveness from such a small club head.

I in my view seen a drop of 4-8 yards when catching the ball low on the clubface and strikes in the direction of the heel and toe. The Speed Pocket™in the longer irons will supply you a little greater room for error. however, these are pushing greater toward mid to low handicap golfers who desire brilliant distance.

Power & distance

Here is the area The TaylorMade P770 irons excel. The P770’s have an affiliation of larger loft (4-iron = 22.5º, 7-iron = 33º) than the TaylorMade P790’s and decrease in-line with formal player’s lofts comparable with the Mizuno MP-20 irons.

However, these irons make your ball – fly!

I’ve tried the Mizuno JPX MMC irons, which are known long. But the TaylorMade P770’s constantly carried in addition (4 – 9 yards). The TM P770 golf irons promote a mid-launch and relying on customized which contains more options. Might also generate much less backspin in contrast to different comparable irons. This decrease in spin price is a phase of the purpose they raise so far.

Despite their long-distance, they nonetheless do provide the right consistency in launch and distance control, which has been a hassle with preceding generations of hollow-headed irons, such as the TaylorMade P790s.


The TaylorMade P770 compact form is built from a solid physique and cast face. The solid face creates a tender sense and the SpeedFoam injected into the hole heads simply does create a stable feeling upon impact.

They provide a fantastic mixture of feeling smooth but powerful. Not as buttery tender as the Mizuno MP-20 range, however softer than any forged iron on the market.

Control, launch & shot-shaping

The TaylorMade P770 irons have extra loft compared to the TM P790 irons. Which is surely a gain when it comes to controlling and backspin.

The small amplification in a loft on the TM P770 irons helps to generate greater backspin and a greater launch. Which will grant you a higher mixture of distance and management as a mid handicap player. The extra loft additionally offers these irons higher manipulation and precision around the greens.

Hyper Golfer verdict

If you prefer greater distance, a classical design, and a tremendous experience then the TaylorMade P770s are a very suitable choice. They are no longer the most forgiving alternative in this rundown of the Best Golf Irons for Mid handicappers. However, few irons will fit these for distance.


RADSPEED Irons represents a leap forward in golf Tech innovation. With all-new weighting science and the first software of 3D printing in golf club design. An intricately designed lattice medallion is 3D printed and located in the sole to save weight and fine-tune the sense. The intense heel and toe weighting create the ideal aggregate of speed, low spin, and steadiness for excellent performance. The cast PWRShell face insert will increase flex in and around the candy spot for quicker ball pace and greater launch.

Cobra presents a special take on the present-day overall performance iron. Its new KING RADSPEED iron excels in three primary ways: low spin, very excessive forgiveness, and high ball speed.

Now, low spin isn’t strictly a true component in irons due to the fact the purpose is now not to hit your iron shot as some distance as possible. But if you’re a mid-handicapper that doesn’t have a tendency to have any trouble hitting immoderate trajectories. The KING RADSPEED needs to be the iron for you.

The key Tech features of the KING RADSPEED iron are:

  • Radial Weighing Technology: weight is strategically positioned relative to the CG, with an increased distance between heel and toe weighting. This improves ball velocity in mis-hit areas.
  • 3D-Printed Medallion: the nylon medallion is made of 3D Printed on KING RADSPEED iron. Its complicated lattice shape dampens influence vibrations and saves weight that can be redistributed to optimize performance.
  • ONE Length Option: units can optionally be bought that have a single size for the duration of the set. As viewed with Tour gamers like Dechambeau, this can assist promote accuracy and constant ball striking.
  • Extreme Heel and Toe Weighting: 10g and 3g weights placed in heel and toe for quick ball speeds, low spin, and stability.
  • Tuned RAD Weighting: 10g weight insert in the toe amenities the CG and affords stability for greater distance and forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • Forged PWRShell Face: Forged face insert is built with skinny 17-4 stainless metal for extended flex at the candy spot.
  • COBRA Connect Compatibility: provides GPS performance and a range of analytics associated with your Golf Clubs so that you can recognize your sport better. A cellular app is required for use.

The KING RADSPEED irons are reachable with KBS Tour ninety (steel) and UST Recoil 460 ESX (graphite) shafts, as properly as the COBRA Connect-compatible Lamkin Crossline Black grip.

Loft 19°-54° (4-SW)
Lie62°-65° (4-SW)
Length(CC, not ONE Length) 35.75″-39.5″ (SW-4)
Offset1mm-5.4mm (SW-4)


  • It covers a huge distance, the ball flies off the face, which is a game-changer for many
  • excellent velocity and directional forgiveness on mis-hits, with very top dispersions
  • many golfers simply love the feel
  • price is reasonable


  • low spin can occasionally result in excessively low trajectories into greens
  • the “3D-printed” advertising is a bit gimmicky
  • you’re higher off the usage of a launch monitor rather than COBRA Connect

Hyper Golfer Final Thoughts – Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

The Cobra KING RADSPEED irons are game-improvement irons in every single way. They grant forgiveness and distance in spades.

Having stated that, the low spin and sturdy lofts won’t swimsuit slower swing speeds. Unless you’re a mid-handicapper who seeks a wholesome quantity of spin in your irons. You’re possibly to do extraordinarily properly with the KING RADSPEED.

Titleist T100S Irons

+Classic compact shape
+Best irons for 15-handicappers
– Stronger lofts won’t swimsuit all

The T100S has been designed to bridge the hole between the Titleist T200 and T100 irons.

It’s a two-degree per golf club more suitable lofted model of the T100 and as such. It aspects all the identical attributes.

The face is skinny and responsive, whilst the use of tungsten weighting in the 3-7 irons boosts off-center strike forgiveness.

It appears like the historic Titileist 718 CB mannequin at tackle thanks to being a bit extra compact on the pinnacle rail however has even greater forgiveness on providing to rescue a negative strike. It feels highly strong and gentle at having an impact on and the more camber on the sole helps it float thru the turf a little extra easily.

The T100S is an appropriate alternative for mid-handicap golfers searching for a set of mid-handicap irons. That will maximize distance however preserve a diploma of manipulating and feel.

Ping G425

all-round performance

Ping is common for the way their irons feature and this new launch does no longer disappoint. The G425’s furnish a greater forgiving Golf Club than previous fashions that will help beautify your ball striking, which capability you hit is nearer and shoot limit scores!


One of the substantial points is the club’s easy structure that makes a big big difference when positioned at the lower back of the ball in distinction to the G410. Although smaller, this golf club on the other hand inspires self-belief with its common look.


As with the preceding version (ping g410’s), tungsten toe and hosel weights distribute higher of the common head weight to the perimeter, giving extended stability on off-center strikes.

Ping suggests the G425 iron has an improved MOI (resistance in the direction of twisting for off-center hits) in distinction to previous models, and in checking out the clubface did feel incredibly much less hard to manipulate through impact.

In addition, Ping has used 17-4 stainless metallic in the clubface. This is a material used in their wonderful fairway woods, it affords greater ball speed from all areas of the face, and for this purpose, a great deal much less distance is misplaced when you miss the candy spot.


In our testing, there was once as soon as a small ordinary reap in ball speed in opposition to the Ping G410. In general, owing to the metal bushes face construction. Which affords large flexion on having an impact on and greater distance.

The fashionable spec lofts proceed to be the same at some point of models, every with an enormously strong 30 degrees 7-iron, the G425’s launch the ball 1-2 tiers reduce however generated greater backspin. The accelerated backspin penalties in a steeper landing mindset for the G425’s and ensured that there wasn’t a most important reap in distance.

So the Ping G425 irons may additionally no longer be pretty long. However, they do supply a superb combination of distance and control.


The Ping G425 has a multiplied vibration dampener’ in the structure of their redesigned multi-material badge plate that sits interior the cavity on the lower back of the head. A sweetly struck shot gives a pleasing sensation. Then again one we’d describe as steady and powerful. On the other hand than in most cases soft. On the whole, the trip is surprisingly similar to the G410 irons – no remarkable shift forwards, on the other hand on the other hand a remarkable feeling of iron.

Control, launch & shot-shaping

Manage is the one community we sense the ping g425 irons have taken a massive leap forward. The increased backspin ensures your technique shots stop rapidly on landing, and makes controlling distance less complicated for you. And the greater MOI in the Ping G425 irons moreover helps with getting your clubface rectangular at having an influence on too.

The ping g425 irons allow for more workability and shot-shaping indifference to competing for hollow space again for Best Golf irons for mid handicappers.


For a producer’s new launch packed with modern technology, the Ping G425 irons are greater than reasonably priced, in actuality when in distinction to desire options. A set of 6 irons in metallic will set you to lower back in the neighborhood of $850 (£690) alternatively count the number on to pay a little more for graphite shafts.

It’s furthermore in reality properly well worth noting that ping. Like the cobra, is now supplying the arccos caddie sensible grips as famous of their g425 range. That is furthermore actual of the g710. On the other hand, the equal set of 6 irons will fee an expanded £two hundred or so.


  • The traditional greater compact head seems horny from the top
  • point and shoot instantly hitters
  • appropriate to mid handicappers in particular however will final properly into the low digits
  • distance increase after upgrading especially on mis-hits
  • appearance very executive


  • no longer for instant swingers (ninety five+ mph with motive force)
  • in my view, the little “gouge” out of the heel turns me off when searching at those golf equipment in a bag.

Hyper Golfer Verdict – Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

Whilst the Ping G425 might also moreover no longer totally furnish the introduced distance and softer ride proclaimed with the useful resource of Ping.

hey without a doubt represent a vast enhancement on their predecessor (the Ping G410 irons).

In the marginally higher compact head, you have an iron that is increased consistently by impact. Generates greater than anticipated spin for extended control, and doesn’t sacrifice ball speed. That’s on top of looking out notable when located at the lower back of the ball.

If we had been educating a mid handicap golfer. Who grew to become with a set of ping g425 irons of their bag. No longer totally might we completely approve. Then again we’d be a little jealous too!

TaylorMade M4 Combo (Hybrid/Iron) Set

The TaylorMade M4 Combo Iron Set is a proper deal for an extensive vary of gamers thinking about the forgiveness that it offers. Many golfers think about the M4 as one of these top picks for Best golf irons for mid handicappers. The Twist Face Technology that assisted the golf club with forgiveness made it famous amongst those who have a tendency to leave out the middle of the face. This helps the shot to be straighter and have much less spin.

Compared to an M3, the Taylormade M4 approves you to make greater errors as it comes with a redesigned hammerhead slot. It is more than the one you see in the TaylorMade M3. It has a wider candy spot maintaining the ball straight. Plus, when the M4 used to be released. These have been fairly thinner and lighter than the older fashions that got here earlier than it.

And as soon as the iron comes in contact with the ball. It is handy to understand if the ball made contact with the M4’s candy spot. One of the motives why the M4 has a thinner graph is to add an extent to the M4’s head. With extended clubface size, it has a 67% greater sweep spot than the M3.

Who need to be shopping for the M4?

If you’re an older golfer with diminished competencies to hit the candy spot, then this is the proper desire for you. On top of that, this is additionally best for newbie golfers who are nonetheless making an attempt to study the sport.

Though there is no denying that the M4 is a higher desire than the M3, the M5 and M6 are viewed by using many as the higher choice than the M4. Though the M4 has geocoustic sole graph that alerts whether or not you hit the proper spot or not, the sound you get from the M6 is nonetheless better.

There are a few matters that we’ve seen whilst taking part in the M4. For one, the inventory shaft feels too mild and a bit whippy. It turns into too challenging to manipulate the shot at instances when you are coming in with an excessive swing speed. You additionally have to deal with extra spin as you omit your shot. Though the Twist Face Technology tends to minimize dispersion. You’d nonetheless be aware that the distance will be significantly decreased in case you did an error.


Twist Face Technology contributes to its forgiveness
Gives you a true sound as soon as you hit the spot
Has 67% greater candy spot than your M3


Tends to spin when you leave out your shot
Lightweight and whippy when the use of the inventory shaft

Mizuno MP-20 HMB

The Minzuo MP-20 HMB is hole-in-plan and has a skinny solid face for higher ball speeds. The hole graph and tungsten weights embedded inside the head maximize accuracy and forgiveness for off-center hits. They additionally create a greater launch in contrast to the MP-20 muscle again and MMC. Making it an amazing preference if you’re searching for outstanding distance and forgiveness however, don’t choose to sacrifice feel.


The MP-20 HMB irons function as a skinny topline, minimal offset, and easy finish. When positioned in the back of the golf ball you experience like you are taking part in with a normal iron – simply with a little ‘extra meat’ introduced to the clubhead.


Off-center strikes advantage from the perimeter weighting and extra tungsten weights. The hole diagram has allowed Mizuno’s engineers to push the core of mass decrease down in the clubhead which additionally helps pictures get airborne when struck low on the clubface.

The Mizuno HMB irons in reality do offer splendid forgiveness. Yes, you may want to locate a full cavity iron that will outperform the HMBs for some off-center hits. However, these irons provide splendid forgiveness alongside remarkable control.

Power and distance

The HMB’s have modern, participant-iron lofts (4-iron 22º, 7-iron 32º) and a skinny, stable Chromoly face. The end result is excessive ball speeds and outstanding distance. You’ll probably locate the TaylorMade P700 vary to be longer, However, the HMB irons provide an extraordinary combo of constant distance and management (this being a difficulty with the TM seven-hundred irons).

The HMB’s won’t be the longest Best golf irons for mid handicappers available on the market. Due to their lofts, however, they provide a tremendous distance, despite the fact that.


The MP-20 HMB irons do no longer seem like a hollow-headed iron. Nor do they sense it when you strike the ball – which is superb news for mid-handicap players. There may be a little sharpness long past in evaluation to the mp-20 muscle-lower back and MMC iron, but, the sense of these irons is nevertheless a manner ideal to similar mid handicap irons available on the market.

Control, launch & shot-shaping

The MP-20 HMB irons have a modern sketch the places the head length, sole width, and offset limit as you go from 3-iron to pitching wedge. This gives the biggest forgiveness in the longer golf clubs and higher manipulate and shot-shaping capability as you go into the mid and shorter irons – something I’m positive most mid-handicap golfers will approve of!

The HMB’s layout creates a greater launch in contrast to the muscle-back and MMC. However, the manipulate of the HMB irons is fats higher than irons that provide comparable stages of forgiveness.

Hyper Golfer verdict

The HMB irons stay up to what you would count on when shopping for a Mizuno iron – a soft, but effective feel. The hole head diagram additionally affords exceptional ranges of forgiveness and distance – making them a should for our roundup of Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers.

If you are searching for a forgiving solid iron that nonetheless provides an incredible experience. And manage then appear no in addition to the Mizuno HMB irons.

Mizuno JPX921 Forged Irons

The JPX lineup is Mizuno’s vary that pulls collectively the modern tech to maximize distance and forgiveness. However, they are no longer completely certain for high-handicappers, instead golfers preferring a large clubhead and want superb distance.


The JPX has two variations of club heads – the Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro, the former has a barely thicker topline, wider sole, and longer club head (heel to toe) in contrast to the Pro option. The head lengths throughout the widespread set are 5-7mm longer than the MP-HMB irons, making the Mizuno JPX Hot Metal a pinnacle desire if you’re searching for a larger, forgiving Best Golf Irons for mid handicappers.


The large head measurement blended with a balanced body positioned in the back of the clubface minimizes twist on off-center strikes and created tremendous forgiveness.

The 2d end result of the steadiness body and ultra-thin Chromoly face is a club head where the candy spot is decrease than in any different iron Mizuno has made. As a result, thinned shots will journey in addition and the ball will launch greater throughout the face.

Power & distance on This Best Golf Irons Mid Handicappers

The adjustments above allowed Mizuno to decrease their popular irons lofts throughout the set (just by using 1º), except dropping any launch top or shot-stopping ability. The decrease lofts produce greater ball speeds and extra distance.

The JPX 921 irons additionally encompass a COR-TECH face that is 0.2mm thinner throughout the core in contrast to the JPX 919’s, ensuing in even greater ball speeds. The face thickness varies throughout the hitting floor to optimize ball pace from all areas of the clubface.

The universal result is lengthy iron shots and first-rate ball pace throughout the face.


Three new sound ribs have been brought to the top line of the JPX clubhead to developing a lighter, stiffer clubface and better acoustics. The end result of this is a greater responsibility, softer feeling clubhead than preceding JPX irons.

The JPX Hot Metal irons are cast, now not a cast iron. This means they do experience extraordinary from the solid MP-20 irons. In phrases of feel, they take a seat someplace between the Ping G410 and the MP-HMB irons. They sense great, strong however no longer pretty as forgiving as the MP-20 cast range.

Control & shot-shaping

The Mizuno JPX 921 irons have the biggest head measurement and most offset in Mizuno’s range. As with different Mizuno iron units they characteristic an innovative design. Whereby head length, sole width, and offset decrease as you go from lengthy irons to brief irons. This consequences in higher forgiveness on the lengthy irons and improved manipulate of the quick irons and wedges.

In which the JPX hot steel irons variety from different Mizuno irons is that the sole width remains lots wider within the 6 and seven-iron and offset reduces appreciably as you pass into the nine-iron and pitching wedge. This may additionally go well with some mid handicappers, however may additionally no longer be the choice for all.

Hyper Golfer verdict

For mid handicappers that pick a large clubhead and notable distance. The Mizuno JPX Hot Metal irons are a gorgeous option.

PXG 0311 P GEN4 Irons

PXG is a new golf tools producer that used to be established in 2014 and has rapidly received a foothold in the industry. It is backed with the aid of a slew of PGA Tour gurus inclusive of Zach Johnson and James Hahn.

The 0311 P GEN4 is claimed with the aid of PXG to be the quality iron they’ve ever made. It’s designed to grant the most beneficial stability of the huge three overall performance measures: distance, forgiveness, and workability.

The 0311 P GEN4 irons have an average-size profile and are intended to attraction to an extensive vary of golfers.

The principal Tech features behind it are:

  • XCOR: this is a proprietary polymer filling that is injected into the back of the face. Developed over the direction of many years. It’s very smooth and consequences in a fairly explosive face with a very massive candy spot.
  • Ultra-Thin Face: the face of the iron is simply 0.058″ thick and made from high-strength HT1770 maraging steel. This leads to most COR and excessive ball speeds in mis-hit areas.
  • Precision Weighting Technology: an (unprecedented) massive weight on the lower back of the iron can be adjusted to reap the most appropriate personalized performance. This is intended to be used all through the becoming technique and now not after the purchase.
  • Milled Back Surface improves iron aesthetics barring compromising performance.
  • 5X Forged: cast 5 instances from 8620 tender carbon steel, growing strength, groove life, feel, and looks.

These irons are notably customizable. The inventory shaft preferences are the True Temper Elevate ninety-five (steel) and Mitsubishi MMT 70/80 (graphite).

Loft18°-49° (3-GW)
Lie60.5°-64° (3-GW)
Length35.5″-39.5″ (GW-3)
Offset1.02mm-6.35mm (GW-3)


more ball velocity than preceding generations
feel is simply amazing
ball flight is excessive and forgiveness is top-notch
premium, very remarkable looks


very pricey and unaffordable for many
made by means of an especially unknown organization that doesn’t have many years of popularity backing it up

Final Thoughts

As a mid-handicapper, the PXG 0311 P GEN4 irons need to be a pinnacle consideration if:

  • if you prefer an excellent quantity of forgiveness balanced with different overall performance measures
  • you favor to attempt something specific and go with a new, sparkling brand
  • you can manage the excessive cost
  • It’s mainly tremendous to get healthy for these irons in order to take gain of the adjustable weight. Make sure that you’re extracting the most overall performance possible.

Wilson Staff D7 Forged Irons

Forged from smooth 8620 Carbon metal and proposing a new clubhead design. Wilson’s D7 Forged irons have a thinner topline and minimal offset. Additionally, gamers of specific tiers may also like the mid-sized head and chrome finish.

A Urethane stuffed Power Chamber inner the head has been added alongside the Power Hole Technology which permits the face to flex whilst lowering vibration for an extra stable and steady sense at impact. As such, these would truly be amongst the fantastic irons for 15-handicappers.

A fantastic all-rounder, reaching steady consists of a soft, strong sense of impact.

Perhaps lacks the wow issue different irons in this class possess.

Key Technology

  • Two rows of Power Holes contain a urethane-filled Power Chamber internal the head that flexes at effect whilst decreasing vibration for a softer, extra-strong feel.
  • An extra compact head, much less offset, greater toe, and thinner topline will go well with the eye of the higher player.
  • More aggressive Power Holes decrease the CG to amplify ball pace and launch.


Players of extraordinary skills will like the traditional, mid-size profile and vivid chrome finish. The barely rounded main part makes it seem to be like there’s a greater offset than there absolutely is.

Hyper Golfer Verdict

The unique D7 iron absolutely impressed us with its super-fast ball speeds and enormous elevate distances. The new D7 Forged presents greater manageable distances and a sleeker appearance for the decrease handicapper.

The 7-iron loft is 30.5°, so nevertheless pretty strong. However, the overall performance we are skilled in must go well with a wider spectrum of players. It achieves appropriate distance, sure – a common lift of 173 yards – however on a very exceptional ball flight than the D7.

With a narrower sole, it flights the ball drastically decrease however with greater spin – hovering simply over the 6,000rpm mark – to preserve it airborne and beautify the stopping strength as nicely as manipulating of the flight.

It naturally doesn’t sense as explosive as the D7, however, the softer feel, alongside the slimmer look, will attraction to the barely higher participant looking for consistency. In fact, elevate distances ranging from 171-177 yards on the Foresight GCQuad launch display with suitable accuracy – tight dispersion in each instruction must assist you to locate greater veggies.

Titleist T200 Irons

The T200 iron is one of the most versatile in the Titleist range. Imparting advantages to an extensive vary of golfers.

In phrases of looks, it’s a traditional and compact structure – a slimmed-down model of the T300. It additionally points barely much less offset which higher gamers need to enjoy.


Distance in a compact package
Good forgiveness


Won’t swimsuit these searching for max experience and workability

Titleist T Series Iron Comperison Chart

Like the T300, it facets Max influence technology which approves the face to be thinner, thereby enhancing launch, pace, and experience thru the inclusion of a silicone polymer insert.

Tungsten weighting in the longer irons, in addition, enhances forgiveness and generates extra distance.

We have been impressed with the aid of the aggregate of distance and experience provided by means of these irons. They’ll swimsuit an enhancing participant in search of game-improvement overall performance in a compact shape. In our opinion, it’s without a doubt one of the Best compact Golf Irons for mid handicappers on the market simply now.

Callaway Mavrik Pro Irons

One of the exceptional irons for low handicappers, the Callaway Mavrik Pro iron is a factor of splendor with its lighter satin chrome end and players’ profile at the back of the ball.

With its compact shape, the Pro is aimed at mid-and low-handicap gamers searching to have a little extra manage however nonetheless gains from the amazing applied sciences featured in the Mavrik range.

The iron’s characteristic Flash Faces are designed by means of a super-computer. The end result is a state-of-the-art face structure for each loft handing over a sizeable increase in ball pace and optimized spin.


Good workability
Aesthetically appealing


less forgiving compared to Mavrik and MavriK Max

Callaway Mavrik Irons Comparison

The Iron’s Set Up varies in a contact bizarre, it is some distance absolutely the widely wide-spread mannequin that has the strongest loft (7-iron is 27°) whereas the maverick max iron is increased each and every day at 30°, but, has an extended stock shaft.

Consumers would be forgiven for questioning it used to be the Max that supplied the most quantity of distance, however, given the distinction in the loft, it used to be an accurate 5 yards in the back of the trendy primarily based on our checking out on the Foresight Sports GCQuad the use of Titleist Pro V1x golf balls.

The Pro (7-iron 30.5°) and the Max surely produced comparable ball pace and lift distances however in very one-of-a-kind ways. The Max launches the ball a lot greater with a contact extra spin, without doubt producing properly stopping power. It is additionally a good deal extra forgiving than the Pro. Which requires extra interest to be paid to the strike to gain exact distance.

Hyper Golfer verdict

Inside the extended irons, the faces are designed for launch and tempo. At the same time as inside the mid-irons, the faces are engineered for an aggregate of pace and spin consistency. The brief irons have a face development designed to optimize precision for shot-making.

Tungsten weights have been exactly positioned to supply the excellent viable launch and trajectory.

But with the basic structure and smooth lines. The Mavrik Pro is some distance greater possible iron than the Mavrik or Mavrik Max. With a thinner topline and sole for extra particular striking. Higher gamers will experience the experience as properly as the performance.

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Irons

Some mid-handicappers admire outsized irons that have a large sweet spot and possibly even a draw bias. If that’s you, then you ought to without a doubt take an appearance at TaylorMade’s SIM2 Max OS iron.

The defining function of this iron is a new, proprietary Cap Back format that eventually leads to greater distance and forgiveness than preceding models.

In the assessment of the popular SIM2 Max iron, the SIM2 Max OS has an outsized profile that will increase the measurement of the sweet spot, will increase forgiveness, and provides steadiness for better-mis-hit performance.

The essential Tech features of the SIM2 Max OS iron are:

  • Cap Back Design: this consists of a lightweight composite fabric spanning the complete cavity. It provides pressure to the top phase of the face. Finally main to a face that is greater bendy and produces quicker ball speeds in the most frequent influence points.
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket: enhances face flexibility low on the face, ensuing in extra ball pace and forgiveness in that region. This works in tandem with the Cap Back to supply extraordinary forgiveness throughout the face.
  • ECHO Damping System: consists of a tender polymer mixture positioned in more than one contact factor throughout the face. This significantly mitigates harsh mis-hit vibrations and promotes a greater of a forged-like feel.
  • Inverted Cone Technology (ICT): each and every iron has a one-of-a-kind distribution of face thickness that optimizes accuracy and performance. ICT moreover helps to mitigate the typical desirable miss.

The reserved shafts are the 85 MT Max at the KBS (steel, best for mid-high handicaps) and Fujikura Ventus Blue (graphite). The reserved grip is the Lamkin Crossline three hundred sixty.

Loft18°-59° (4-LW)
Lie61.5°-64.5° (4-LW)
Length35″-39.125″ (LW-4)
Offset2mm-7.2mm (LW-4)


  • very convenient to hit (just grip and rip)
  • draw bias helps slicers a notable deal
  • very long, however additionally pretty effortless to get the ball up in the air
  • the solid, crisp feel
  • affordably priced


  • strong lofts can restrict stopping electricity into greens
  • the high jump can make skulls greater likely

Final Thoughts on Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

If you’re a mid-handicapper who is involved in a high-forgiveness iron (what they name a “super game-improvement iron”), the SIM2 Max OS is the ideal candidate.

We have determined that it additionally simply helps golfers who conflict with a slice hit straighter shots.

Buying Guide For Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

As a mid-handicapper, when you’re searching to make investments in an iron set that will serve you for years to come. There are some key matters that you must take into consideration. They are:

Your Goals

Your overall performance desires will notably exchange the types of irons you need to consider.

In particular, how a whole lot of forgiveness do you prefer in your iron? Do you favor an iron with greater of a players-like seem and experience that will project your game, or do you prefer to play it secure with a chunkier profile?

In general, mid-handicappers are predicted to play game-improvement irons due to the fact such irons have a tendency to be in line with their talent level. But this simply isn’t the sole way to go.

If you play a much less forgiving iron, you may additionally rate worse initially. However, over time, you’ll examine to alter and enhance your ball striking.

Recreational golfers might also simply favor reveling in themselves with a GI iron. But those who are extra serious about enhancing their recreation might also desire to reflect on consideration on irons designed for low-handicappers or even scratch golfers. This is why, in this guide, I tried to include irons with various forgiveness levels.

Iron Style

Cavity Back vs. Muscle Back iron example
Irons typically come in two exceptional styles: cavity lower back and muscle back.

The cavity lower back elements a hole development on the returned of the head that is best for newbie golfers when you consider that it presents a lot of forgiveness each in phrases of accuracy and distance.

The muscle back, which is nearly constantly forged, offers the golfer a higher sensitivity and higher manage to form shots. Hence, it is favored with the aid of specialists who have the ability and trip to manipulate their ball.

A mid-handicapper would possibly choose irons that have game-improvement points. However, additionally, provide the playability and sense that greater knowledgeable golfers seek.

Clubhead Size

Irons come in a range of shapes and sizes. Professionals have a tendency to decide upon a smaller-sized clubhead due to the fact it permits for greater touch, precision, and control.

Medium-sized clubs are splendid for humans who aren’t complete hacks however are searching to enhance their game, such as mid-handicappers.

Shaft of Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

The shaft of the club has a large impact on swing weight, feel, trajectory and spin. Choosing the proper shaft is a quiet person matter.

When you’re searching for an accurate iron set for your needs, pay interest to the shaft. Shafts are made out of two kinds of materials: graphite and steel.

  • The Graphite vs. iron golf club shafts
  • Graphite vs. iron shafts
  • The Graphite
  • Graphite shafts have a tendency to be lighter and extra bendy than metal shafts.

For new or inexperienced golfers, graphite may be a proper preference due to the fact it will permit those with slower swing speeds to generate extra clubhead pace thru the ball.


If you’re sturdy sufficient or have an excessive sufficient swing speed, metal can be preferable due to the fact it is typically heavier and is much less in charge to deviate from the aircraft throughout the swing.

These days though, there is now not a straightforward reply as to whether or not amateurs would gain greater from metal or graphite shafts. Professionals use both. You’ll have to parent out yourself whether or not you operate higher with metal or graphite shafts.

Another essential aspect associated with the shaft is flex. It’s necessary to comprehend which flex fits your quality due to the fact it can make a large distinction in your performance

Your Handicap

You would possibly be a mid-handicapper. However, the place you are on that handicap varies can provide you a trace as to what kind of iron you’d play high-quality with.

For example, if you’re on the low give up of the mid-handicap vary (around 10). You may choose for an iron with a little much less forgiveness.

Set Composition Based on Wedge Type

Unlike excessive handicappers that are searching for something that affords exquisite distance and control, it is vital to go for something that presents excessive forgiveness and something that will enable the ball to launch easily.

Deciding on irons that will make up your set can be a bit difficult. It used to be preferred some time in the past the place a set consists of a pitching wedge and sand wedge. In reality, there is no widely widespread reply if you are wondering if having a set that suits the gameplay of a mid-handicapper.

You simply have to recognize the distinction between every wedge to make the right decision. Sand wedges, have a loft from 54° to 58° and can get the ball to journey from a hundred and ten to one hundred twenty-five yards.


Have a loft vary from 59° to 65° and you get the lob wedge. Which is something that grew to become famous due to the fact of Phil Mickelson. Its layout was once supposed for boundaries and approves customers to have an excessive trajectory shot. However, it can only get your shot up to around eighty to one hundred yards max.

But if you are going to ask mid handicappers, a lot would say that one of the high-quality golf irons for a common golfer is a pitching wedge that has a loft attitude of 44° to 49°. This is additionally favored through those who are beginning to research golf. This can get the ball to tour from one hundred ten to a hundred twenty-five yards.

And if you favor taking a look at all the bins in your set selection. You would possibly additionally choose to have an in-between option. If you prefer something that appears like a hybrid of a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, then you can go for the whole wedge that has a loft attitude of 50° to 54°.

Budget for Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

Not each person can come up with the money for iron units that value $2000+ like the PXG mannequin I featured on this page, and fortunately, there are alternatives that price nicely beneath this amount.
When it comes to irons, it’s no longer at all distinguished to locate that you function higher with an $800 set than with a set that charges $1900.

This is why until you have a massive budget. You shouldn’t fear deciding on a mannequin that is regarded as “cheap”. There is a restriction to this, though; if you’re searching for exact performance, I wouldn’t go below $500 in phrases of cost.

In this guide, I have blanketed iron fashions that span a large charge range, from around $800 to $2000+. But the incredible aspect is that there are approaches to decrease each the last value and chance of the purchase.

For example, one of our tops encouraged online golf tools stores, Global Golf. It gives club trade-ins as properly as an application referred to as Utry that lets you attempt an iron earlier than you purchase it. There has by no means been this tons allowance for discovering your ideal clubs, and you ought to take advantage.


Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

What to seem to be for in Best Golf Irons for mid handicappers?

This subsequent area dives into the technical specs to seem to be for when shopping for mid-handicap irons. There is a lot of pass-over between mid handicap irons and game improvement irons. The distinction predominantly being sport enhancement irons are designed for most forgiveness. Whilst mid handicap irons furnish a greater strong experience and multiplied control.

Hosel offset

The quantity of offset on a golf club dictates the trajectory of a golf ball. Extra offset frequently encourages the clubface to shut – ensuing in a draw.

The offset is measured through searching at how a long way ahead or lower back from heel to toe the hosel sits. If you appear down on iron. It will show up that the hosel extends out in the front of the clubhead slightly. This distance is regarded as the offset.

Best Golf Irons for Mid handicappers with a fade ought to choose for medium stages of offset. Whereas gamers with an impartial or draw bais will operate higher with much less offset.

Moderately large sole

The sole width on a Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers dictates how the club will engage with the turf. A slim sole will dig extra, however, can be beneficial from tight lies. Whereas a wider sole will make the club bounce if you seize the floor early and frequently makes irons greater forgiving.

Mid handicapper gamers who battle with their strike have to seem for a somewhat vast sole. This will swimsuit your sport nicely and assist you to manage your shots around the green. If you strike the ball properly and play on tightly mown golf courses. Then you may additionally desire a narrower sole.

Perimeter weighting

Modern golf clubs go to tremendous lengths to push as plenty clubhead mass to the outer edges. This is name perimeter weighting, it appreciably improves a club’s resistance to twisting and forgiveness.

The trade-off comes when a participant desires a compact golf club that is additionally forgiving. The Best Golf Irons for Mid handicappers in this evaluation provides a vary of head shapes from blade irons to thicker cavity returned designs. However, all the picks have a lifelike quantity of perimeter weighting, thanks to a wise diagram and engineering.

This being said, there is no getting away from the reality that a large clubhead will provide increased forgiveness.


Golf shafts must be geared up to the player’s swing speed, tempo, and shot patterns. This is a quite huge subject matter to cowl right here in this review, however, it is well worth considering.

The golf clubs in this mid handicap irons evaluate all provide significant shaft alternatives that will swimsuit a vary of swing speeds and tempos – so have self-assurance that no count what kind of participant you are there need to be a choice that fits your sport well.

What is viewed as a mid-handicap in golf?

There are no strict guidelines. However, for this evaluate we think about mid-handicap golfers to be enjoyed between a 9 to 20 handicap. It is an extensive range, which makes growing this evaluation challenging. However, these days we are blessed with the preference that golfers by no means had in the past.

Golf irons have been enhancing yr on year. With the latest years seeing a center of attention on distance and forgiveness throughout the total face, no longer simply when struck well. Modern gamers are benefitting from this recreation enhancement applied sciences to help them get higher scores.

What are the best irons to hit?

As mentioned above a large clubhead is less complicated to hit. The Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers are ones that go well with your swing and shot distribution. If you would like to test out some of the best irons to hit. Test right here to study our listing of the most forgiving irons.

What are the longest most forgiving irons?

The longest and most forgiving irons in this evaluation are from TaylorMade. The P770s provide a long, penetrating ball flight with magnificent forgiveness thinking about the head size. This is in section to their cast hole body construction.

Outside of this review, there are clubs designed for most forgiveness and distance. Take a look at our high-quality irons for novices and excessive handicappers to study more.

Conclusion – Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicappers

A set of reliable, fine irons can be a massive boon to a golfer’s toolkit. Finding a model that does the job you choose it to do as a mid-handicapper is in reality viable with some research.

There are many matters to appear out for. Some irons supply higher forgiveness and greater distance. Whilst others sacrifice some of this in order to grant higher management and feel.

While no iron will tick each box, many do properly fulfill the majority of them.

Each of the iron fashions reviewed above provides brilliant performance. I’ve given you the records you want to make a decision; now it’s up to you to go the relaxation of the way.

I incredibly endorse studying customer and expert opinions to accumulate some beneficial insights as to how iron fashions certainly perform. This will assist you a lot in the decision-making process.

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