Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers

If you’re any person who commonly shoots in the 80s you’re regarded as a mid handicap golfer. There are many ways a golfer needs to search Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers. in this post we’ll be covering simply that.

Top 10 Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers

  1. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls-Top Pick for Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers
  2. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls
  3. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls
  4. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls
  5. Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls One Dozen
  6. Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls
  7. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls
  8. Snell MTB Black
  9. TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls
  10. Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation

Each of these balls is barely exceptional and a lot of it will rely on your swing speed, what you like your golf ball to sense. And what you prefer it to do. You can’t go incorrect with any of them. however, proceed reading, due to the fact we’ll dive into every and speak about which is proper for you.

Best Mid Handicapper Golf Balls – 2021 Review

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Kicking off our listing is the legendary enterprise regarded as Titleist. Golfers comprehend them as the makers of the most advantageous golf gear and equipment. Their craftsmanship and dedication to the recreation are honestly exquisite and unparalleled.

These Titleist Tour gentle golf balls are no exception. They are some of the quality golf balls rounds for any participant of any handicap, in particular Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers. When designing this golf ball, Titleist had a vision. They desired to diagram the golf ball in such a way that it carried out longer distances. Simultaneously, they additionally desired to supply a smooth and at ease experience and wonderful control.

Well, many famed golfers and testers have validated that Titleist has succeeded in this venture. The gentle compression core current in these Titleist Tour tender golf balls is the biggest core Titleist has ever used. This aids in presenting long-distance Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicapperswith a smooth experience as it creates proper velocity on impact, which lets you reap astounding distances.

Titleist has accelerated the preceding 302-dimple format to a “spherically tiled 342-cuboctahedron dimple design.” This sketch enhances aerodynamics, which reduces drag on the ball and permits for a steady flight path. These Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers have top-notch accuracy, alongside excessive speeds and low drag.

These golf balls have a 2-piece building and a newly designed and engineered skinny cover. This cowl is made from a combo of substances designed to enhance spin and control. This plan used to be to stability out the massive and superb core that is in these golf balls.


  • The Titleist Tour gentle golf balls supply gorgeous ball pace and surprising distance. This is due to the massive tender core and 2-piece construction.
  • They enable nice greenside control. This is viable due to the particularly designed skinny cowl and dimple design, which goals to furnish the last manipulate and spin.
  • Due to the gentle core and the specifically designed cover, these golf balls have a very tender sense of impact. They have an impact on is no longer solely fine however is additionally an excellent way to choose your shot.
  • The 342-dimple format on these Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers presents an aerodynamic design. That, in turn, reduces drag and aids in the growing distance, control, and feel.


  • If a participant with an excessive swing velocity makes use of these golf balls, they may now not revel in the experience. These golf balls would possibly be too smooth for their liking and enjoying style.
  • They are now not amongst the most inexpensive alternatives accessible in the market.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

It must come as no shock that Titleist has made any other entry into our listing as they furnish golfers with first-class tools and gear. These Titleist Pro V1 Golf balls are recognized to be amongst the most well-known Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers in history.

This is due to the fact these golf balls cater to the desires and necessities of most golfers who are searching to improve. If you are a golfer that lands in the mid handicap mark, then the most necessary factor you would be searching to enhance in your sport is the distance.

Well, this golf ball does now not solely furnish awesome distance. Instead, it provides extremely good control, a constant flight path, a magnificent trajectory, and essentially tests all the boxes. It offers dazzling distance off the tee, amazing greenside control, and the whole lot in between.

These balls are additionally characteristic of excellent technology. With a 3 pcs construction, these golf balls are made long-lasting. They have a two ZG manner core, which ensures low spin and quicker ball speed. Additionally, they supply an ionomeric casing layer that provides the basic pace of the golf ball and a skinny cowl made out of urethane elastomer. They additionally have a tetrahedral dimple diagram that has a spherically tiled 352-dimple construction.

On top of all this, the urethane cowl now not solely makes the balls very durable, however, they additionally enhance overall performance via a margin. They additionally provide a drop and end feature. This is beneficial due to the fact it ensures that the ball doesn’t roll into a bunker when it lands on the green.


  • These Pro V1 golf balls provide first-rate greenside manipulation due to their drop-and-stop feature. This characteristic holds the ball in an area as soon as it lands on the green.
  • The Pro V1s have magnificent distance insurance practicable due to their strong building and special design.
  • They provide constant flight, which means the balls will usually tour in the trajectory you are aiming for. They will no longer grow to be concerned about irregular flight patterns.
  • These Pro V1 golf balls have a uniquely smooth sense due to the low-profile cowl and 3-piece construction. This now not solely gives great remarks however is some other component that approves the ball to journey longer distances.


  • These golf balls are a bit high priced when in contrast to different preferences in the market. This can come to be an identifying issue for some mid-handicap golfers.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

The variety of Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls per field makes this product a suitable present for exclusive activities like birthdays, retirement parties, Christmas, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day. It comes in a great field as well, making it less difficult for humans to wrap it or put it in a present bag.

What can you assume internal the field apart from the number of golf balls indicated? It consists of 4 sleeves with three balls each, which offers a complete of 12 balls. Just so you know, some units with a dozen balls have it the different way around, which is three sleeves with 4 balls each.

Now, what does it in reality imply when it says that these golf balls have a “soft feel”? There are two meanings at the back of that statement.

Soft Feel

First, the skinny overlaying of every ball is actually smooth to touch. And, of course, they have an impact on between the ball and the golf club’s face will sense soft, comfortable, and enjoyable whether or not you’re putting, pitching, or chipping. This can enlarge greenside spin.

Other appropriate matters about these Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers are that they’re an excellent cost for cash due to the fact of their luxurious nice no matter the inexpensive price, ideal for 1-woods and golf irons with their pleasant sound, and specifically on the grounds that they have a dimple sample that can minimize drag for speed, consistency, and accuracy.

Even although there are nonstop claims about the gentle sense of these golf balls, there are nevertheless a few customers who aren’t satisfied. They suppose there’s now not adequate softness in contrast to different golf balls they’ve tried.

The stage of sturdiness is a problem as well. One hit and some of these Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers smash instantly. If now not broken, the dimples turn out to be so difficult to contact due to the fact of their sharper edges. Also, brace yourself when opening the container simply in case you’d scent something horrible like a poisonous chemical that’s probably been used at some stage in the manufacturing process.


  • The first-rate container for present baggage and wrappers
  • Value for money
  • Soft feel
  • Satisfying sound
  • Lower drag


  • Broken ball upon impact
  • Rough dimples
  • Chemical smell

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway is additionally one of the most surprisingly acclaimed and relied-on golf companies. They are recognized for their extraordinary lineup of golf gear and equipment. These Supersoft golf balls from Callaway furnish enough facets for human beings that fall into the mid handicap category. They supply the longest distances with a gentle and pleasant feel, which is sizeable precedence to a mid-handicapper.

The Supersoft golf balls from Callaway characteristic a proprietary trigonometry cowl that will no longer solely make the ball long-lasting however will additionally supply ample softness and compression alongside it. While the use this ball regularly, you will no longer face and trip any kind of scuffing or damage. That is due to its top-notch building and build.


These golf balls additionally characteristic a special and very modern hexagonal dimple design. This will drastically enhance the ball’s aerodynamics by lowering the typical drag on the ball mid-air. If you desire a golf ball that no longer solely feels suitable however additionally affords adequate spin, then this is your high-quality guess as the tender core development will make all that a reality.

Although it is now not associated with the nice of play and general performance, these Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers are handy in a vast range of shiny and vibrant colors. These hues do assist you to spot the ball extra shortly in some scenarios, though, so that is a delivered benefit.

Many avid golfers extensively use the Supersoft golf balls due to their versatility, durability, and determination of distinct colorations alongside their top-notch softness and low compression. However, whilst many may like the gentle feel, others may additionally experience that the ball is too tender for their liking.


  • They are moderately priced and furnish proper cost due to their construction, design, feel, and control.
  • Due to the low-profile cowl and gentle compression core, these golf balls from Callaway furnish a gentle feel. This characteristic is very pleasurable and makes the recreation greater enjoyable.
  • These golf balls are reachable in many exclusive colors to healthy your aesthetic taste. That additionally makes the balls simpler to spot on the fairway.
  • These Supersoft golf balls from Callaway can journey longer distances due to their aerodynamic graph and gentle construction.


  • Although the tender building would fulfill the wants of most golfers, these golf balls would possibly be too smooth for some golfers as the shape is special and unconventional.

Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls One Dozen

To assist you function persistently as a golfer, the Bridgestone 2019 e6 Golf Balls are in particular designed for precision. They additionally have a smooth sense simply like most of the merchandise we’ve delivered so a long way to make certain a lengthy distance each and every single shot.

What does it imply when it says that these golf balls are from the e6 line? Every e6 ball is supposed for gamers whose common pace whilst swinging is simply right–not too fast, no longer too slow. No surprise it’s advocated for Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers.

To be greater specific, an e6 golf ball has a two-piece construction. The core has low compression As per the expectation.


With 12 portions in each box, this product is a precise fee for the money. It additionally comes in two simple coloration options: white and yellow.

You may now not recognize the vibrancy of every color, however, due to the fact of irregular dimple/s on nearly each and every golf ball. They’re simply too distracting to seem to be at. They can pressure the customers to sand the surfaces, which is needless work. Brand-new Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers are supposed to be prepared to use.

And, worse, the sharp edges prompted by using the uneven dimples can really have an effect on your game. A little flaw on a golf ball can go a lengthy way in affecting your shots.


  • High precision
  • Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers in phrases of speed
  • Two-piece construction
  • Value for money
  • Standard color options


  • Distracting dimple
  • Might require some sanding
  • Sharp floor

Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls

This brand is no stranger to the world of golf. Srixon is acknowledged to be one of the pioneers of golf tools and gear. They purpose to grant their clients the first-rate fine merchandise that will be remaining for a lengthy time.

These Q-Star Tour two golf balls are an outstanding illustration of the pleasant work that Srixon is successful in. These golf balls have characteristic 3-piece development that approves them to have a greater spin than usual. They have a compression ranking of 75, which is regarded to below; this is best for any golfer, which includes humans with a mid-handicap.


A full of life gradient increase core is additionally current in these golf balls, contained inner a very skinny and low-profile urethane cowl with a multiplied spin pores and skin layer. The Q-Star tour two golf balls with the aid of Srixon function a 324 dimple graph with a unfold out signature Srixon pace dimple pattern. This diagram approves for low drag. That dramatically improves the flight path, lets in for longer distances, and improves the manipulate of the ball.

If you favor a golf ball that affords the sense and overall performance of a tour ball, they seem to be no further. This golf ball pursuits to do exactly that. Even although you sacrifice some sturdiness with these Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers, you’ll examine a reap in overall performance and universal feel. The low compression core additionally permits for larger spin control. That is a terrific characteristic for any golfer and especially mid handicapper.


  • If you choose to sense like you are taking part in on tour, these will supply that due to the urethane cowl outfitted with spin pores and skin covering.
  • During putting, the lengthy decal with arrows on the golf ball lets in for an expanded alignment.
  • These provide exceptional overall performance and cost for the price.
  • These Q-Star Tour two golf balls characteristic a smooth compression core that no longer solely produces low driver spin however additionally approves for greater manage over the ball.


  • Some golfers have said that due to the ball being too soft, the putter roll is no longer that great.
  • These golf balls should be a little higher on veggies as they have a tendency to run longer than required at some point of chipping.

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Wilson is any other extraordinary organization in the world of golf and is well-known for offering magnificent cost and fantastic nice in its broad resolution of golf tools and equipment. These Staff Fifty Elite golf balls are amongst the most fairly acclaimed and incredibly rated golf balls from Wilson amongst avid golfers, which includes gamers with mid handicaps.

These golf balls characteristic 2-piece development and a compression ranking of 50. This low compression and building lets in for a decrease spin than usual. Hence, this characteristic is brilliant for novices and intermediate golfers. If you are searching for a golf ball that no longer solely gives optimum overall performance however additionally provides that in a fairly priced package, what extra should you ask for different than these Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers from Wilson?

These Staff Fifty Elite golf balls have tremendous stability of lengthy distance, closing golf ball control, and a gentle feel. These golf balls additionally have an outer layer built from 302 Ph.D. aerodynamics. This function lets the ball have low air resistance and makes the pictures extra correct and precise. The shallow dimples in the ball’s format allow the ball to flow via the air whilst having a secure and penetrating flight path.

These golf balls by means of Wilson will supply you the part that you constantly wanted to attain the inexperienced to get that eagle or birdie finally. A new slide pack made out of brilliant plastic improves the sturdiness and reliability of the golf ball, making it a remarkable alternative for mid-handicap golfers.


  • Due to the exceptional development and dimple format of these Staff Fifty Elite golf balls from Wilson, you can relaxation certain about their overall performance on greens.
  • They are very durable, with all deposits going to their magnificent fabric construct and protection.
  • You can shortly come across them on the fairway or hard due to the fact of their brilliant and stand-out shade options.
  • They are made to cowl the distance and furnish the last manipulate that any mid-handicap participant may want to ask for.
  • They supply top-notch points for their price; hence, the pricing is pretty reasonable.


  • The sturdiness of these golf balls can be higher if every other greater long-lasting fabric replaces the plastic slide pack.
  • Their experience is surely now not something to write domestic about as they don’t provide a smooth and enjoyable experience on impact.

Snell MTB Black

The Snell MTB Black is a 2-time gold medal winner from the Golf Digest in 2018 and 2019. That’s mostly due to the fact of its exceptional three-piece development designed for longer distances and greater speeds.

Another magnificent function of these golf balls is their core with a compression that’s seven percent lower. This reduces spin for a higher range, specifically when you’re the use of a 1-wood or driver.

Meanwhile, the cowl is made of solid urethane. It can substantially enhance manage for brief video games and sense for a softer golf ball.

The preferred most number of these golf balls is 360 dimples, which is the greater feature for this ball’s surface.

Now, why do many golfers decide on a greater range of dimples? The reply is highly straightforward.

The greater dimples, the smoother the ball when it comes to launching. That’s due to the fact the ball receives surrounded by means of the faintest layer of air, which is already a large deal for preserving the airflow on the higher sections for the duration of the flight. This contributes to accurate aerodynamics for straighter trajectories.

Despite the satisfaction of the cowl and dimples for the player’s performance, these golf balls aren’t precisely durable. Some gadgets ruin after a single hit, leaving an extensive crack or rip.

And, even even though these golf balls are designed with a smooth feel, some customers suppose that the degree of softness isn’t ample when they’re enjoying some areas of the golf course. It additionally doesn’t assist that this product is too high priced in contrast to different preferences with comparable quality.


  • Award-winning product
  • Three-piece construction
  • Perfect for golf drivers
  • Straighter trajectories
  • Better control


  • Can smash easily
  • Not ample softness for some situations
  • More highly-priced than different comparable choices

TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls

With their three layers of splendid building and materials, the TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls are best for golf drivers and irons. They’ve flawlessly mixed an LDP seamless sample of 322 dimples and a core with Dual-Distance technological know-how to enhance experience and control.

First, let’s focal point on the Dual-Distance machine for the core. Overall, it’s softer and larger than a lot of core designs. The internal core is softer to limit spin whilst the outer core is less attackable to decorate pace and response.

Meanwhile, the cowl is composed of solid urethane elements 322 dimples. Its sample pursuits for decrease drag thru aerodynamics to expand speed, for this reason, enhancing distance for prevailing shots.

As for the disadvantages, the colored choice rapidly wears out, the surfaces aren’t scratch-resistant, and the degree of stiffness isn’t proper for some golfers with quicker swings.


  • Three notable layers overall
  • Great for 1-woods and golf irons
  • The balanced aggregate of internal and outer structures
  • Enlarged core
  • Better shots


  • Worn-out yellow color
  • Can be without problems scratched
  • Too stiff for some gamers

Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation

Just like the first Titleist product we’ve mentioned earlier, this unique choice additionally has a smooth feel. Additionally, the Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation is frequently made of urethane, a frequent cloth for long-lasting golf ball covers.

These golf balls can attain farther areas whilst preserving consistency on their trajectories. Speaking of trajectories, every ball flight will be greater most of the time due to the fact of decrease spine. You can additionally music it higher due to the fact of its popular white color.

Unfortunately, these golf balls are susceptible to abrasions, which ruins their supposedly pristine white color. Some of them additionally have a tendency to wreck in the course of preliminary use. And, no matter claims that this product has a tender feel, some gamers aren’t satisfied when you consider that it can be more impregnable than expected.


  • Long-distance
  • Consistency in phrases of ball flight
  • Higher trajectories
  • Low spin
  • Vivid white color


  • Lacks resistance to scratches
  • Might wreck in the first few hits
  • Slightly more difficult than a lot of gentle golf balls

Buying Guide – Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers

What Exactly Is A Mid Handicap Golfer?

A mid-handicap golfer is every person who shoots between 80 and 89 on a par 72 course. Mid handicaps are higher than the common participant and have a tendency to get a lot of bogeys, a wide variety of pars, and the strange birdie.

If you select to assume about your handicap, a mid handicap is someplace above 10 however beneath 18. I understand this may now not be the technical definition of a mid handicapper, however, it’s the way I seem to be at it. Here’s how I view things:

  • If your shoot is below or equal to the 70s = you are a low handicap.
  • If your shoot is around the 80s = you are a mid handicap.
  • If your shoot is above 90 = you are a high handicap.

All three of these organizations must be taking part in a unique golf ball however it absolutely doesn’t take place often. I’ve viewed so many novices or excessive handicaps taking part in the ball they see on TV. Sorry, however, that’s now not going to work for you.

So, hopefully, you recognize the place you stand in phrases of the place your ability degree is at. If you aren’t in a position to shoot in the 80s but then you need to test out our information for excessive handicaps and beginners.

Think you’re in the proper place? Then let’s continue.

What Does The Perfect Mid Handicap Ball Look Like?

I’m a mid handicap golfer myself and there are a few key matters I appear for in a golf ball. Everyone will be barely different, however, if you favor taking your sport to the subsequent level, you’ll want a bit of help.

These are the most important matters I seem for in a golf ball:

  • Good distance
  • Respectable forgiveness
  • A contact of greenside spin

If I can discover a ball that’ll take a look at all these boxes, it’s a winner. You’ll additionally have the desire between a softer or less attackable ball however that’s no longer something that affects performance.

Price additionally comes into play but the excellent element about the balls on my listing is that they’re especially affordable.


Let’s discuss distance. It’s of course a necessary element and is the principal aspect human beings appear for. Everyone needs to bomb it 300 yards down the fairway and no person desires to be 20 yards brief of Uncle Jimmy.

So, what we choose to seem for is a ball that is as long as viable however nonetheless provides the different two features. There are a lot of balls that explode off the membership however they don’t have an ounce of spin on the green.

That’s surely no longer going to assist us an awful lot due to the fact we’ll have no manipulate over our brief game.


Next, we want some forgiveness. Even even though we’re getting better, forgiveness is nonetheless a huge aspect for us and is going to be key in getting us to that next level. What top is hitting the ball 300 yards if it’s three fairways over?

The fantastic 9 holes I ever performed used to be when I benched my driver and hit 7 wooden off the tee. The ball would solely go 200 yards however I used to be in the fairway 90% of the time. After 9 holes, I used to be solely four over par.

That surely indicates how necessary forgiveness is.

Greenside spin

The last thing is a little contact of greenside spin. Don’t get this burdened with driver spin though. That’s likely now not something we favor an entire lot of. What we prefer is a ball that has a decrease driver spin however a greater wedge spin.

The decrease driver spin will assist us to hit greater fairways and the greater wedge spin will assist us to stick the ball on the green. I don’t be aware of about you, however, I nevertheless can’t spin the ball returned 10 yards as you see on TV.

That’s fine, however, we do choose something that’ll have some chew and now not leap off the green.

Should A Mid Handicap Use A 2, 3, or Four Layer Ball?

If you’re a mid handicap golfer, you need to be the use a two or three-piece golf ball. It’ll certainly rely on whether or not you opt for distance or manipulate over the ball.

Both have their execs and cons however the most important advantage to a two-piece ball is distance and straightness. The important advantage to a three-piece ball is accelerated control.

I’m a mid handicap participant myself and most of the time I’m the use a two-piece ball. They function simply first-rate and are additionally cheaper. Balls additionally come in 1, 4, and 5 portions however I don’t suppose these kinds of balls will function as properly for you.


You’ll most in all likelihood hit extra hooks and slices with 4/5 piece balls and your distance will in all likelihood be less. All matters I’m assuming you don’t want.

If you desire pure distance and straightness then you’ll in all likelihood gain the most from a two-piece ball. Those two matters are the primary advantages however they additionally are more cost-effective to buy and ought to remain longer as properly (if you don’t lose them first).

The drawback to these balls is that they don’t provide as plenty manages as 3-5 piece balls. It won’t be as convenient to manage the top and structure of the ball. Most humans shouldn’t trouble with that anyway.

If you favor a bit of extra management over the ball and favor something that will chew the veggies then you’ll in all likelihood favor a three-piece ball. These balls are commonly extra luxurious and you possibly won’t get a whole lot of distance out of them.

2 piece balls can nevertheless have some greenside chew however they’ll in no way be capable to spin again (for most golfers).

Better gamers are inclined to sacrifice distance for versatility, however, I don’t assume it’s well worth it for common golfers. If you hook or slice the ball regularly then you have to stick with a two-piece ball.

How about the different sorts of golf balls?

1 piece golf balls are used at using levels and shouldn’t be delivered to the course.

They’re extraordinarily inexpensive balls and aren’t going to function almost as properly as the rest. They would possibly work nicely for hitting into the internet at domestic however different than that, I don’t see a use for them.

4 piece golf balls are for expert or scratch golfers.

They provide a lot of management and will spin a lot. Two virtually beneficial matters if you can virtually take benefit of them. Most mid handicaps can’t although and that’s why I wouldn’t propose them.

A 5 piece takes these advantages and provides a bit to them. If you strive to use these balls you’ll get much less distance and a way greater curve in your shots.

Do Mid Handicap Golfers Need Spin?

If you’re a mid handicap golfer, you’d gain the most from a ball with low driver spin and medium wedge spin. The motive is that you’ll get greater distance out of your shots, you’ll hit the fairway and inexperienced greater often, and you’ll decrease scores.

I’ve tried all sorts of balls and I’ve received the first-rate effects with these types.

If you have a tendency to have an excellent quantity of curves in your photographs you’ll simply desire a ball with low driver spin. It’s no longer going to restore your recreation in a single day however it must straighten matters out a bit.

You’re likely dropping quite a bit of distance with the curve in your shot and this is something easy that should help. Focus on hitting veggies and fairways first and then focal point on greater superior matters like spin and shaping the ball.

If you’re a mid handicap golfer and you desire to get to that subsequent level, you’ll want to study how to spin the ball with your wedges. This is a key step in simply decreasing your scores.

That’s why we favor playing a ball that has some spin with the wedge.

Again, we aren’t going to spin the ball lower back 10 yards however we do choose something that’ll leap a couple of instances and stick on the green. You don’t want a ball that has Pro V1 spin however the whole thing we’ll discuss right here is rather decent.

What’s The Ideal Compression For A Mid Handicap?

If you’re a mid handicap golfer you’ll prefer to use a low to a mid-compression golf ball. This is what’ll provide you the fantastic average overall performance and will assist you to hit the ball farther, straighter, and higher.

A low compression golf ball takes much less pressure to compress the ball. The contrary on an excessive compression ball.

If you use an excessive compression ball and you don’t have a speedy swing velocity or you don’t make stable contact, your recreation will now not be so good. You’ll hit the ball 30 yards shorter and you’ll hit the fairway (but it’ll be three holes over).

High compression balls need to solely be used by means of scratch and seasoned golfers.

If you simply prefer to hit the ball lengthy and straight then you’ll desire to use a low compression ball. Anything below about 60 ought to do the job. It’s now not going to be as effortless to manage the ball however you’ll spend greater time hitting from the fairway.

If you desire a bit greater manipulate over the ball then you need to strive for a mid-compression ball. Anything between 60 and about eighty-five is viewed mid-compression in my mind.

These balls will spin a bit greater and will assist you to draw/fade the ball or maintain matters low in the wind.

When Should You Upgrade Your Ball?

You’ve been practicing, working on your manipulate round the green and capturing some decrease scores. You’re about to subsequently damage 80, however, you may be wondering, need to I be enjoying the equal ball as before?

As I stated before, excessive handicap gamers must be enjoying a specific ball than mid-handicap players. The precise identical goes for low handicap golfers.

The quick reply is that yes, you ought to in all likelihood alternate your golf ball.

The one key distinction is that you’ll choose a ball that has a lot of wedge spin. This is so you can land the ball on the inexperienced and have it quite quickly.

Being capable to do this constantly from inside a hundred yards is vital to decreasing scores. The balls we’re speaking about right here do have some wedge spin however the greater quit tour balls will have more.

You’ll in all likelihood prefer to begin shaping the ball around as well. Maybe you want to draw the ball around a tree or pull off a low cut. Balls with extra spin must assist you to do that.

Why now not use one of these balls from the start?

The largest purpose is that greater spin will motive the ball to curve more. You truly desire to make positive you constantly hit the ball straight earlier than you improve to a ball like this.

The 2nd motive is due to the fact of the price. These balls commonly value pretty a bit greater and there’s actually no want to spend that much.

What color Ball should a Mid Handicapper choose before buying?


Among the many elements golfers have to test earlier than shopping for a set of golf balls, color is the first issue everybody can notice. More importantly, every shade alternative certainly has a purpose. Let’s begin with the all-time favorite. This is our #2 Pick for Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers.

A timeless coloration for golf balls, white will continually be one of the first-class ones. It’s very effortless to spot on the grass because it receives emphasized by means of the vivid inexperienced background.

White is additionally the most frequent shade for golf balls due to the fact of its versatility in altering doors conditions. It’s seen no count number what.

It’s the most secure preference as well. Why? A lot of gamers have to get used to colored balls first earlier than they can even operate consistently. It is obvious that the white color can be distracting.

The downside? White golf balls have the worst worn-out appearance in contrast to colored ones. Flaws like dirt, stain, and abrasion grow to be extra substantial on white surfaces.


There are no issues at all about the visibility of white golf balls. However, when in contrast to yellow ones, white balls aren’t optimal after all. This is our #1 pick for Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers

It turns out that yellow is the most seen color, and that’s a scientific fact. This truly suggests when it’s being used as the color of a golf ball. Even when you’re standing a few hundred yards from a tiny yellow golf ball, you’re greater possibly to spot it besides even thinking. It’s simply human nature.

To be extra precise about how yellow golf balls are greater seen than white ones, their degree of visibility is three instances higher. This is imperative at some stage on cloudy days considering the fact that the absence of daylight makes it difficult to discover golf balls with a stupid color. Yellow is continually bright, so it simply works.

The sole downside is that extraordinary yellow golf balls are pretty rare. More and extra yellow alternatives emerge in stores, however, they’re solely painted. The coloration should be contained inside the fabric of the ball’s cowl because, if not, the regular influence will only chip the paint off.


One of the fine colorations for daylight golfing, pink is extraordinarily seen on inexperienced grass underneath brilliant sunlight. It can additionally assist you music the golf ball mid-flight on account that it’s the best distinction to the blue shade of the sky.

However, crimson is one of the worst for late afternoon and hour of darkness use. It’s very challenging to spot in low light.


You would possibly suppose being inexperienced is the worst coloration for golf balls overall, however, it’s absolutely no longer as long as it has a neon effect. It’s no longer satisfactory for daylight use, however, it’s sincerely satisfactory for cloudy weather, late afternoon games, and hours of darkness use.


The worst color is without a doubt blue. It’s no longer desirable for each daylight hours and midnight use, so it’s odd how it’s an accessible option.

But, if blue is your favorite color and you don’t idea any mild visibility issues, then sense free to use it. It’s one of the rarest colors, so different human beings on the golf path are much less possibly to use it. You’d be sure that any blue golf ball on the grass is yours.


You may assume that a golf ball is now not that necessary when you are out on the course, however, you are in reality mistaken. Choosing the quality golf ball that fits your play fashion and necessities no longer solely improves your overall performance however additionally makes the recreation a lot of extra fun as well. That is why we have introduced you to full information and choice of the exceptional choices available.

Hopefully, you have scanned thru our listing and chosen the fine amongst them. Even although the selections introduced in the listing are all excellent options as Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers, we assume that the fantastic alternative for you is the Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball. That is due to the fact they supply all the critical points that one may also require. Alongside that, they additionally have some delivered perks such as a wonderful feel, strong construction, and easy-to-spot coloration options.

Since yellow is arguably the exceptional color for golf balls currently and no longer all merchandise can attain a long-term graph for a colored cover, we’re very impressed with the pleasantness of the Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls. Each ball can continue to be vibrant and visible for years due to its difficult surfaces. And, of course, it has awesome aspects for Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers.

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