Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Club Set Review

Getting the most out of a beginner’s set for Women’s golf clubs is a challenge. Manufacturers appear to suppose that simply due to the fact a lady is beginning out with the game, that they won’t want a golf club set that can develop with them and assist increase their skills. Our discovering of Aspire X1 women’s Complete golf club set, the whole set takes the guesswork out of buying a golf set for ladies due to the fact the entirety you want is in the bag.

Introduction-Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

Any golfer is aware that golf isn’t a convenient game. It’s a recreation that requires skill, patience, and a suitable set of clubs.

It can be tough for ladies to discover the ideal set of clubs – for a lot of women, men’s clubs are too massive and are uncomfortable to use.

It’s an unfortunate trend in the golf enterprise however there are some producers who are searching to flip the tide so to speak. You may also have heard of Aspire already – we have been without a doubt listening to a lot of buzz round this Clubs producer ourselves.

Thankfully, there are club units designed for women. If you’re after a matching club set from a relied-on brand, then hold analyzing for our assessment of the Aspire X1 Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Club Set, such as a listing of pros and cons, and features!

About Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

We heard true matters from buddies and colleagues and quickly enough, we acquired worn-out of simply listening to about these clubs and desired to definitely lay our fingers on them. Have you been searching for a nice novice set of female golf clubs? If so then examine on to discover out if this Aspire set is what you have been after.


This tremendous Women’s Golf Clubs set with matching golf bags & headcovers is specifically designed for women. Lightweight substances make these clubs simpler to play with— after all, girls shouldn’t be swinging golf clubs made for men.


The graphite shafts had been constructed specially for a girls swing velocity and strength, and are 40% lighter than metal shafts. These golf clubs Shafts are crafted in Top Technology and come in two sizes— Standard & Petite.


Aspire clubs complete set with matching golf bag consists of Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 6-PW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, Headcovers, and Rain hood. Our light-weight girl’s golf bag facets a stand and strap for handy transport.


Playing with clubs that are the desirable size & weight is important, and clubs made mainly for girls are a must. there are two sizes for complete fitting for any Women’s height— Standard for girls 5’3″ – 5’9″ & Petite for girls 5’3″ and below.


Aspire X1 complete set is designed for the participant searching for fashion and performance. From the woods to the hybrids all the way via the wedge, every club used to be designed to be healthy collectively and provide forgiveness, self-assurance, and style.

Key Features

If you’re a beginner, discovering the proper clubs can be daunting. It can be hard to understand what clubs you want for recreation of golf – do you want a wedge? Driver? Hybrid?

Luckily, This is the all-in-one set at all– you don’t need to hesitate about which clubs you want as it’s all there for you in the set.

In the set, you’ll feel lucky to get everything you need


High MOI, 7075 Titanium Driver, The biggest Sized driver featured for the most distance and power

Fairway Wood

Low profile club face lowers the core of gravity and gives a greater superb hitting place for less complicated to hit shots


The low core of gravity launches the ball greater and longer with much less effort than longer irons

6,7,8,9 PW Irons

Innovative weight distribution lets in for an effortless to hit recreation enhancement iron for golfers of all talent levels

Deluxe Alignment Putter

Heel-toe weighting to maintain off-center putts straighter; Stand Bag w/ Ball Pocket— eight-way top, 6 zippered pockets, full-length apparel pocket, a padded twin shoulder strap, and a specious pocket for Balls.

A Rain Hood / Cover for the Golf Bag

Helps shield your women’s golf clubs when no longer in use, or when playing in the rain! In addition, it comes with Three matching Headcovers for your Hybrid, Driver, and fairway wood.

Additional Features

If you’re after the ideal aggregate of fashion and performance, then this club set is the best preference for you.

From the woods to the hybrids, all the way to the wedge – each club matches collectively nicely to provide elevated forgiveness, confidence, and fashion – that golfers of any talent stage can appreciate.

If you’re searching to knock a few factors off your score. Then you’ll be pleasantly amazed by the excessive forgiveness that the fairway offers. The low center of gravity makes it awesome effortless to use.

The alignment putter makes use of heel-toe weighting, which does wonders in correcting off-center putts.


If you pick out the incorrect size, then your complete sport can be skewed. If you’re taller than 5ft 9, then this club set may additionally no longer be as well-suited to you, unfortunately. However, if you’re between 5ft 3 and 5ft 9, then these ought to be the ideal size and weight for you.

If you’re of a smaller construct and measure much less than 5ft 3, then you can nonetheless revel in the overall performance that these clubs provide if you pick the petite option.


It’s a reality that guys and females have distinctive swing patterns. So the shafts on these clubs have been particularly constructed for a woman’s swing pace and strength.

The use of light-weight substances makes these clubs lots less difficult to play with. In fact, these shafts are 40% lighter than popular metal shafts, which makes them a lot less complicated for you to manipulate and swing.

For the common woman, The shafts have been wholly crafted to the best top and dimension. So you’re positive to be in a position to swing these clubs well. Whether or not you go for a trendy set or a petite set.


The white and crimson distinction coloration scheme will simply make you stand out on the course. Every piece of gear in the set goes flawlessly nicely together.

The fashionable plan is positive to flip heads from the fairway to the green – you’re sure to seem the phase of a pro-golfer.


For your convenience, the stands of the bag retract without difficulty. So you can put the bag on a cart and elevate it round with you. This is best if your bag is going to be full. You don’t desire to be carrying a heavy bag round 18 holes with you, do you?

The bag additionally facets a handy strap, which makes it simpler to keep and transport.

Hands-on Review on Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

Our initial response to these clubs used to be that they weren’t reinventing the wheel. They come with the same clubs that most amateur sets do. But the distinction is in the way they play. This used to be as hassle-free a set of Women’s golf clubs as we have ever tested. This Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Club Set is a unique example of USGA Standard

What we imply is that we have been in a position to get a convenient distance with the woods. Higher accuracy with the irons, and sufficient overall performance on all lies.

The fee tag says “bargain set” however we’d be inclined to wager bucks to donuts that Pro Golfers wouldn’t be in a position to inform the distinction between these clubs and pricier ones.


Strike into the Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Club Set has an outsized 460CC titanium head driver. We are aware that sounds like a heavy club just from that brief description however it is exceedingly lightweight. It is set to thirteen ranges of loft and its wide sweet spot approves for accuracy on off-center shots.

Overall, we have been in a position to get constantly repeatable distances out of this driver each on the vary and at our nearby course.


The #3 fairway timber is set to a beneficiant sixteen ranges of loft and is rear/bottom weighted to assist impart clever swing mechanics to beginner players. You get brilliant momentum out of the shaft/head weighting which additionally lets in for smoother swings and observes through.


The Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Club Set comes with a #4 or #5 hybrid. The head of this hybrid has been aerodynamically designed for smoother follow-through and higher ball speed.

The face has additionally been widened to amplify the candy spot so even if your accuracy isn’t pretty up to par yet, this hybrid will assist you to get down the fairway faster than your fashionable irons and likely even fairway woods.


You get irons 6-9 with the Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Club Set which is a suitable vary, to begin with as a beginner. The hybrid takes the region of the four and 5 irons which can be extraordinarily hard to examine to hit with as a beginner.

But the irons have a very beneficiant undercut diagram which will make it less difficult to get beneath the ball when you want to. The iron heads have additionally been aerodynamically designed to assist get your swing velocity the place it must be.


The Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Club Set comes with a raising wedge which was completely designed for effortless approaches. we have been capable to get extraordinary apex top out of it and this set is a very beneficiant loft. But extra importantly, even beginners must be capable to rescue their lies with this easy-to-use wedge.


The putter elements are convenient to study alignment marks and a clean face insert that nearly lets you sense the dimples of the ball as you kiss it off the head. Overall, the putter presents magnificent comments and is heavy adequate for longer putts, however mild ample to promote fluid strokes.

Pros and Cons of The Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Club set


  • Titanium driver head
  • Excellent route coverage
  • The bag comes with a rain hood
  • The bag additionally has legs so it can stand on its own
  • Durable
  • Very wieldy from driver to putter
  • Fast swing speeds
  • Multiple measurement options
  • Comes with a matching bag and headcovers
  • Easy to use


  • They are presently tough to find
  • Only come in right-hand orientation
  • You don’t get to exercise the longer irons in this set
  • The grips experience a bit cheap
  • Some customers file dents upon first use


Even specialists are certain to respect this fashionable girls club set. Specially designed for women, this set is positive to grant you great recreation. You may additionally even knock factors off your rating thanks to the forgiveness some of the clubs offer.

You have the entirety you want in the set – hybrids, putters, wedge, woods – and even a cart bag and rain covers! It really has it all.

So, what are your ideas on the Aspire X1 Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Club Set? Do you agree with our review?

Let us understand in the comments part below. And be positive to share our evaluation with your friends on the course!


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Final Thought on Aspire X1 Women’s Golf Club set

The whole thing we heard about the Aspire X1 Ladies Golf Club Set used to be true. We found that this is an Advanced club set that can honestly drag out its mileage to the player who already has a few years below her belt.

And whilst you don’t get the longer iron exercise with this set, that’s trouble without difficulty solved with a single buy of a #4 or #5 iron. We particularly advise this set for beginners so test it out soon.

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